The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27377

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Clues Answers
Ancestor of mine: the fellow isn't able to get personnel work PITHECANTHROPUS
Appraise report of the writer, not lying eye up
Arm wrapped around free jam GRIDLOCK
Astute playwright shortened kind of speech SHARP
Blue team member right-winger
Continent's cold precipitation CHASTE
Copy record covers wrapped in cloth CAPED
Drag worn by right church organist PURCELL
Garment fastener comes with a warning PINAFORE
Green sort of water sent back NAIVE
Its entrants are bound to stagger, cheered in old country three-legged race
Line up in entrance to give twirl GYRATE
Member or Leader of Parliament, say PEG
Middle Easterner vexed about a disturbance DAMASCENE
Mist dispersing in eatery where corn is found GRISTMILL
Clues Answers
Not abroad bearing case INSTANCE
Peels bananas with fast, misjudged motion false step
Plan to get great pies brought round STRATAGEM
Problem with cold vehicle needing to keep Jack hot CATARRH
Provoke Scottish footballers coming out of their shell ANGER
Pure alcohol, very popular to imbibe it VIRGINAL
Rest of ridge covering about 500 metres in China RELIEF
Small person perceiving one who removes coat SHEARER
Subjective report on hip turning around INVERSION
Swallow picked up playfully INGEST
Topless Russian camper VAN
Turning up an inheritance, bet deliberately ANDANTE
Unaccompanied chap's sides split by joke? LONER
Writer finished with gold stars pastoralist
Youth shy to admit blunder STRIPLING