Wall Street Journal - Jun 13 2019 - PC Problems

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Clues Answers
'Baby Driver' star Elgort ANSEL
'Enough already!' UNCLE
'I'm convinced!' SOLD
'South Park' character who uses an electrolarynx NED
'That must have been painful!' OUCH
'The Premature Burial' writer POE
Alfresco seating at a restaurant PATIO
All-encompassing abbr ETC
Attack command SIC
Bag discovered in King Tut's tomb? PURSEOFTHEMUMMY
Bet preceder ALEF
Bible shepherd ABEL
Birthday treat for Polly? PARROTCAKE
Bolt, say RUN
Challenge for movers PIANO
Character's story ARC
City south-southwest of Medellin CALI
Cleaning tool backstage? PROPDUSTER
Cockeyed ASKEW
Corners TRAPS
Dan Marino's alma mater PITT
Depressed area DALE
Detached ALOOF
Exercise prescribed by a dermatologist? POREWORKOUT
Flooring option TILE
Gives orders like a drill sergeant BARKS
Greyhound fare ALPO
Hit initialism SRO
In need of chilling TENSE
Isaac's elder son ESAU
It follows thallium in the periodic table LEAD
It may be used in the conservatory ROPE
Jessica of 'L.A.'s Finest' ALBA
Luxury hotel feature SPA
Clues Answers
Made like APED
Male admirer BEAU
March honoree, briefly STPAT
Match makeup SETS
Mayo masses IRISH
Notable events in a baby's life FIRSTS
Order RULE
Parsimonious person MISER
Pierce of 'The Wire' WENDELL
Pitch relative TAR
Preliminary EARLY
Present additions BOWS
Put away ATE
Put one's foot down? TROD
Refractive surgery tool LASER
Reputation, on the street CRED
Rivendell resident ELF
Salty septet SEAS
Sandwich shop choice HAM
Sandwich shop choice RYE
Scouting unit TROOP
Some email attachments PDFS
Spirited stallion STEED
Spreadsheet unit CELL
Student sporting a Y ELI
Tea taste SIP
Term derived from a Czech word for 'forced labor' ROBOT
Theatrical king LEAR
They always seem to be standing by OPERATORS
They can be seen in many Degas paintings TUTUS
Unexpected result of putting the wrong way? PARACCIDENT
Uses keys to enter TYPES
Volcano of southern Peru ELMISTI
Way back when ONCE
What you used to be THEE
Word before or after police STATE
Wordsmith Welty EUDORA
___ fritas (French fries) PAPAS
___ Tome and Principe SAO