USA Today - Jul 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'2 Broke Girls' cook OLEG
'That tastes awful!' UGH
'Trix ___ for kids!' ARE
'___ Sera, Sera' QUE
Abstract creations CONCEPTS
Bathroom headgear SHOWERCAP
Beanery listing MENU
Beats-per-minute measure PULSE
Big name in skin care NIVEA
Bleach container JUG
Bowling alley device BALLRETURN
Cabbage-based side SLAW
Created a monogram, perhaps SEWED
Cruise stopover ISLE
Don't run off STAY
Drought-plagued ARID
Electrified rapier EPEE
Everyday article THE
Fat in feeders SUET
Feel in one's gut SENSE
Fragrant Chinese bloom TEAROSE
Freelance writer's pitch QUERY
Full-bodied, as wine ROBUST
Furious with MADAT
Furnish with gear EQUIP
Glowing critique RAVEREVIEW
Grate residue ASH
Hurled taunts at JEERED
Land officially divided in 1948 KOREA
Lapidary's unit CARAT
Like a luxury suite POSH
Like minigolf holes, typically PARTWO
Line through Earth's core AXIS
Maker of hexagonal cells BEE
Mall entrance displays MAPS
Many 'LOL' typers TEXTERS
Moistens in the produce aisle MISTS
Needing refinement RAW
Never before or since ONCE
Clues Answers
Not at all bumpy EVEN
Novelist's storyline PLOT
One of 22 in Paramount's logo STAR
One of an edible bunch BANANA
One who may take your 50-Down NURSE
Org. for Colts and Broncos AFC
Painful ordeals AGONIES
Party bagful ICE
Piles on the years AGES
Places for hoops EARLOBES
Play for a chump USE
Proposal opponent ANTI
React like a threatened camel SPIT
React like an angry goose HISS
Really enjoyed LOVED
Received a salary of MADE
Regard as identical EQUATE
Remove any trace of ERASE
Rib joint buys SLABS
Sandler who voices Dracula ADAM
Sharers' pronoun OUR
Shimmied body parts HIPS
Shish kebab rod SKEWER
Showy birds' mates PEAHENS
Sinful city of scripture SODOM
Single-season homer king before McGwire MARIS
Sonic & Knuckles game company SEGA
Spam generator, briefly BOT
Speak reverently of EXALT
Stadium ticket datum TIER
Stuck with a shiv STABBED
Subterranean rodent SEWERRAT
Surgeon, slangily SAWBONES
Sweet fruit from New Zealand GALAAPPLE
To the penny EXACT
Vergara of 'Modern Family' SOFIA
Was generous GAVE
Was in arrears OWED
Where a flock forages LEA