The Washington Post - Jun 12 2019

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Clues Answers
'And there you have it!' VOILA
'Citizen Kane' director WELLES
'Let us know if you're coming' letters RSVP
'__ Lisa' MONA
Age of Enlightenment philosopher LOCKE
Antediluvian OLD
Ascend RISE
Bard's nightfall EEN
Bayou critter Crawfish
Blockhead CLOD
Bumped into MET
Butcher shop byproduct OFFAL
Carbon compound ENOL
Caters to HUMORS
City destroyed in Genesis SODOM
Compare LIKEN
Cultural Revolution leader MAO
Density symbol, in physics RHO
Detective's need LEAD
Disaster area thief LOOTER
Do-or-die Texas Hold 'em bet ALLIN
Does some mending DARNS
Drive away REPEL
Duel tool EPEE
Egg part YOLK
Electrical unit KILOVOLT
Epoch in the Cenozoic Era EOCENE
Eyelid woes STYES
Faddish '90s disc POG
Fielder's strong throw PEG
Fill with love ENAMOR
Flower part SEPAL
Freebies near the register MINTS
Gauguin's island retreat TAHITI
Get the pot going ANTE
Goes quickly, quaintly HIES
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Hair-raising SCARY
Hodgepodge OLIO
Clues Answers
Inevitable outcome FATE
Lift up the slope TBAR
Like Santa's cheeks ROSY
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Madeline of 'Blazing Saddles' KAHN
Metallica drummer Ulrich LARS
Mop target SPILL
Multivitamin ingredient IRON
Nin and Frank DIARISTS
Not windy TERSE
One of Sean Combs' stage names DIDDY
Ore bed VEIN
Pal at the barbie MATE
Perfume compound ESTER
Philosophy suffix ISM
Proactiv+ target ACNE
Recede EBB
Relatives of emus RHEAS
Road maintenance vehicle SNOWPLOW
Rope fiber plants HEMPS
Shade of black COAL
Share good fortune, as suggested in four sets of circles SPREADTHEWEALTH
Shell game, e.g SCAM
Side squared, for a square AREA
Somewhat, in music POCO
Sparkly crown TIARA
String quartet instrument VIOLA
Talk, talk, talk YAK
Turbine parts BLADES
Ulan Bator residents MONGOLIANS
Uptight type PRIG
Wedding UNION
Wedding party member BRIDESMAID
What Benjamin Button did backward AGED
What some proverbial stones don't gather MOSS
With the bow, in music ARCO
__ of honor MATRON
__ tai MAI