The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,074 - Jun 11 2019

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Clues Answers
& 12 Shock reduction with teams going after diminutive defender SHORTBACKAND
Almost dated graduate? PASS
Can't stand going naked to make a vow OATH
Dangerous and definitely not fair UGLY
Determination of agent to reverse dismissal? PERSEVERANCE
Former pupil last to condemn consuming a small port OBAN
Furniture for ministers CABINET
Hammer Tory regularly supported by lightweight? TROUNCE
Have a drink containing fish for a change SHAKEUP
Hit dog biting daughter COLLIDE
Initially see Nick eating a vegetable SPINACH
Joke quietly before row PRANK
Journey about in empty tank TREK
Kick hard and stall BOOTH
Love sitcom somehow related to fluid movement across borders? OSMOTIC
Man cuts loose somewhere private SANCTUM
Clues Answers
Old article about one part of hospital ANCIENT
Order to stop din that's offensive NOISOME
Quit in revolt about taking on southern performer VENTRILOQUIST
Remove the bad meat contained in a stew DECONTAMINATE
Reportedly tick off playwright CHEKHOV
Second working orbiter MOON
See 1 Across SIDES
Small, dopy, heartless and wimpish WEEDY
Something green seen heading north in Turtle Lake KALE
Sweet game POLO
Tease actor mentioning clothes TORMENT
The setter's test is better IMPROVE
Tipple that's suitable for a non-driver SIDECAR
Touching diplomacy on French island TACTILE
Uneasiness of some Asians, we hear MALAISE
What's good for a stretch? ELASTIC