The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A clean one should have a healthy one! LIVER
American state IDAHO
Arab hiding in Romania OMANI
Bare-breasted TOPLESS
Barking pooch grabs new garment PONCHO
Bodily organ LIVER
Booze from Calabria stinks ASTI
City near Los Angeles PASADENA
Close to thigh seeing red suspender HANGER
Courage NERVE
Derisive shout from Tiger? CATCALL
Detestable ODIOUS
Devil-worshipper SATANIST
Drunk treats wine expert TASTER
English chap stirred tea to flow out EMANATE
Flair in ornate language ELAN
For all to see PUBLICLY
Get excited about radius bone STIRRUP
Guts not found in chicken? NERVE
Hot condiment MUSTARD
I had backed old Union member! IDAHO
Issue forth EMANATE
Italian wine ASTI
Jacket mostly in flames BLAZE
Mate excitedly clutches extremely useful trinket AMULET
Clues Answers
Mexican cloak PONCHO
Muscat native, for example OMANI
Natural environment HABITAT
Old wine to sell abroad EXPORT
One in duo so incredibly obnoxious ODIOUS
Panache ELAN
Payment to a landlord RENT
Piano used in old-time musical presentation OPERA
Pic bully smashed in full view PUBLICLY
Relating to trees ARBOREAL
Rider's foot support STIRRUP
Send overseas EXPORT
Slashed housing cost? RENT
Slept so badly being half-naked TOPLESS
Sung drama OPERA
Talisman AMULET
Talk deliriously RAVE
Tree-dwelling wild boar — honest! ARBOREAL
Wardrobe item HANGER
Where one lives a little in Panama? HABITAT
Whistle of disapproval CATCALL
Wicked type perched and troubled saint SATANIST
Wild party in Gloucester Avenue RAVE
Write article about a glum US location PASADENA
Yellow paste keenly applied? MUSTARD