New York Times - Jun 11 2019

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Clues Answers
'Call me the greatest!' IRULE
'Can't be' NAH
'Do ___ others as ...' UNTO
'Put a tiger in your tank' gas brand ESSO
'Runnin'' college team UTES
1998 BP purchase AMOCO
2015 Tony winner Kelli ___ OHARA
23-Down setting PRIDEROCK
23-Down villain SCAR
56-Across, roughly translated NOWORRIES
Actress Fanning ELLE
Appear to be SEEM
Baby rocker CRADLE
Bar mitzvahs and the like RITES
Bastille Day season ETE
Bean type LIMA
Best Picture winner based on events of 1979-80 ARGO
Big fuss ADO
British singer Lewis with the 2008 #1 album 'Spirit' LEONA
College that awarded the first Ph.D. in the U.S YALE
Director of 23-Down on Broadway JULIETAYMOR
Disney movie released in June 1994 THELIONKING
Dominate OWN
Dreaded one? RASTA
Dug in, in a way ATE
Enthusiastic RAHRAH
Evacuate EMPTY
First mate? ADAM
Five Norwegian kings OLAFS
Fleming at the Met RENEE
Forehead covering BANGS
Gentrification raises them RENTS
Getting long in the tooth AGING
Globes ORBS
Greek group that's not in Greece FRAT
It's worthless TRASH
Job seeker's success OFFER
Clues Answers
Lead-in to plop KER
List quickly, with 'off' REEL
Long-eared lagomorphs HARES
Martial ___ LAW
Misfortunes ILLS
Need for doing toe loops SKATE
Neighbor of Nepal INDIA
Not at the dock, say ASEA
Not fully open AJAR
One of the Bobbseys, in children's literature NAN
One who's looking EYER
Only continent larger than Africa ASIA
Org. behind the Bay of Pigs invasion CIA
Overhead ALOFT
Pack animals BURROS
Part of a cash register TILL
QB tackle SACK
Radio band options AMFM
Repeated 'Survivor' setting SAMOA
Russian Revolution target TSAR
Seasoning that can lead to high blood pressure SALT
Show again REAIR
Simba's mate in 23-Down NALA
Slip-___ (shoes) ONS
Snoozefest BORE
Song from 23-Down HAKUNAMATATA
Song that opens and closes 23-Down and whose title is literally described in this puzzle's center CIRCLEOFLIFE
Spill the beans TELL
Suffix with hypn- OTIC
Supports ISFOR
Tolkien monster ORC
Tough as ___ NAILS
Tries to lose some pounds DIETS
Valuable Scrabble tiles ESSES
West Coast air hub, for short SFO
Where to have your hair done SALON
Word after Bay or gray AREA
___ Sea (almost dried-up body) ARAL