The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7988

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Clues Answers
(Coming) one after another SERIALLY
Carrier BEARER
Coffin stand BIER
Come down LAND
Costs for flyers AIRFARES
Curved structure ARCH
Deep red gem stone GARNET
Eg, March MONTH
Fertile desert spot OASIS
Greek letter O OMICRON
In a quaintly amusing way DROLLY
Indian ruler's wife MAHARANI
Interjection Interpolation
Clues Answers
Nauseated; irritable BILIOUS
Outer garment JACKET
Passage between seats AISLE
Plane attendant STEWARD
Produce flowers BLOOM
Provision of hospitality ENTERTAINMENT
Serious type of play TRAGEDY
Steep bank or hillside BRAE
Tapering stone pillar OBELISK
Type of curve PARABOLA
Wakes; moves slightly STIRS
Wanting a drink THIRSTY
Woodland god SATYR