The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,073 - Jun 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Abandoned port LEFT
Boss overlooking fire-raiser's game? STUDPOKER
Brief respite from working nights in busy bar -- peace! BREATHINGSPACE
Butt and mutt close? DOGEND
Constantly repeated phrase about fine female artist is rubbish RIFFRAFF
Debauched old man pinching Morag's rear, the scoundrel ROGUE
Delay around middle of journey, so leave Orient Express, perhaps DETRAIN
Devious oarsman framing London college for lots of money AKINGSRANSOM
Disconnected without any electronic devices UNPLUGGED
Focus, and this may follow 26, 25 CENTRE
Greek tucking into a tuna I cooked, baked with a coating of breadcrumbs AUGRATIN
Ill at home, receiving special type of delivery OFFSPIN
Indefinite number on street work continuously NONSTOP
Inexperienced local inhabitant losing time NAIVE
Clues Answers
Information on daughter, drugged DOPED
Musical song about exploit CAROUSEL
Ostensibly promote excitement by winning flight KICKUPSTAIRS
Pleasure-seeker, fellow enthralled by spectacular theft HEDONIST
Puzzle in mag cracked after second of sessions ENIGMA
Reckless prang, not chauffeur's first RASH
Scare, leader being missing? Correct RIGHT
Stumped band in series STRING
Tender points, in inverted commas QUOTATIONMARKS
Two teams filing past, shoulder to shoulder SIDEBYSIDE
Upright canons hit out STANCHION
Vast new semi accommodating soldiers IMMENSE
Viola showing courage with what sounds like kidnap HEARTSEASE
Writer's one embraced by Irish senior citizen PENSIONER