Family Time - Jun 10 2019

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Clues Answers
"Light" weapon of sci-fi SABER
A continent ASIA
Aircraft racecourse tower PYLON
Airport guesses (Abbr.) ETAS
Alias letters AKA
Anger IRE
Approve OKAY
Apt name for a female gemologist? OPAL
Assistant AIDE
Aunt's mate UNCLE
Barber's powder TALC
Be a good guide (2 words) LEADON
Berry with antioxidants ACAI
Bridge type TRUSS
Brown bread RYE
Capable APT
Catch sight of ESPY
Certain wading bird IBIS
City of sparkling wine ASTI
College down south LSU
Completely finish sowing REAP
Director's command CUT
Does some paving TARS
Feeble-minded DOTY
Get ready for an operation PREP
Giveaways in one state only LEIS
Good steak rating? AONE
Harvester insect ANT
Have problems with the letter S LISP
Having lived 92 years OLD
Historical times ERAS
Inflammation of the eyelid STYE
Inquire ASK
Clues Answers
Kimono waist tie OBI
Last-round competitor FINALIST
Like Mother Hubbard's cupboard BARE
Mama's mate PAPA
Mountaineer's rope hold PITON
Muscular zoo creature APE
Neck part NAPE
Not competent at all INEPT
Not scarce ABUNDANT
Olympic racers SLEDS
One billion years EON
Photo, briefly PIC
Plant part STAMEN
Prell competitor PERT
Serious risk or danger PERIL
Sleep at 2:30 p.m NAP
Smartphone game APP
Some precipitation RAIN
Story of one's life, briefly BIO
Switch positions OFFS
Tagged before scoring OUT
Take a break REST
Take a guess ESTIMATE
Teen blemishes ACNE
Thing to wash daily FACE
Thing up in a tree NEST
Tragic king LEAR
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Uninvited party guest? INTRUDER
Water carrier PAIL
Woods supporter? TEE
___ a happy note (2 words) ENDON
___ into bed for the night TUCK