The Washington Post - Jun 9 2019

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Clues Answers
'ABC World News Tonight' anchor David MUIR
'Call the Midwife' nurse TRIXIE
'Chicago' actor GERE
'Curses!' cousin DRAT
'Do ___ to eat a peach?': Eliot IDARE
'I Love __': Irving Berlin song with the line 'So you can keep your fiddle and your bow' APIANO
'North Woods Law' critter MOOSE
'Othello' role CASSIO
'Piece of cake!' EASY
'Tarzan' critter APE
'Wheel' coup FREESPIN
90-Across garb TUTU
Actress Campbell NEVE
Actress/activist married to Ossie Davis RUBYDEE
Airport surface TARMAC
Allergic reactions ACHOOS
Alpine songs YODELS
Arguing ATIT
Arrived on wheels RODEUP
Avoid, as a puddle STEPOVER
Barnyard mama HEN
Before, before ERE
Bellyached CRABBED
Bering, e.g.: Abbr STR
Bert's pal ERNIE
Big name in luxury cars BMW
Big piece HUNK
Blood donation unit PINT
Boat for couples ARK
Bracelet ornament CHARM
Bridal gown decoration LACE
Bring to the majors, in baseball CALLUP
Buzzard's snack, perhaps VERMIN
Calf catcher RIATA
Car radio letters AMFM
Carnival destination ISLE
Childcare aide AUPAIR
Chili's competitor MOES
Craft beer letters IPA
Crankcase reservoir OILPAN
Cut the crop REAP
Directly RIGHT
DQ Blizzard flavor OREO
Editorial 'let it stand' STET
ER graph EKG
Event host EMCEE
Exam given intradermally, for short TBTEST
Examine in detail DISSECT
Finish off, as a cake ICE
First name in '70s tennis ILIE
First one cast, usually STAR
Fishing basket CREEL
Floatplane feature PONTOON
Flow counterpart EBB
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Fringe benefit for some reps EXPENSEACCOUNT
Frontier transport HORSEANDBUGGY
Garden of eating? OLIVE
Generous words ONME
Gets some air BREATHES
Head of the party? HOST
Hollywood tease PROMO
HP rival ACER
Human __ RACE
Identity theft target, briefly SSN
It happens without warning SURPRISEATTACK
It's handed down LORE
It's more than right OBTUSEANGLE
Italian tower town PISA
Item on the best man's checklist PROPOSEATOAST
Keyboard centerpiece, and a phonetic hint to six long puzzle answers MIDDLEC
Clues Answers
Kid-lit 'Maniac' MAGEE
Korean exports KIAS
Leader leader? LOSS
Little created by E.B. White STUART
Loose, pants-wise BAGGY
Magical Mary POPPINS
MAX rival SHO
Member of the first Super Bowl-winning team PACKER
Michele of 'Glee' LEA
Military VIP GEN
Milk sources nowadays ALMONDS
Minor fight SPAT
More mature OLDER
Nagy of Hungary IMRE
New York's __ Island STATEN
Nightly news segment SPORTS
Off-tangent link ONA
Old car starter CRANK
One-in-a-million RARE
Online break-in HACK
Opening bout, for short PRELIM
Part of GPS: Abbr SYST
Payroll service co ADP
Phishing target USERNAME
Position STANCE
Preppy trio? PEES
Presidential name in three centuries GEORGE
Products of 66-Down ORES
Pup __ TENT
Put coins into FEED
Quotable 'Star Wars' character YODA
Rate of speed CLIP
Reading aid LAMP
Reason for an ankle monitor HOUSEARREST
Resort amenity SPA
Russian workers' cooperative ARTEL
Salt on the Seine SEL
See 126-Across MINES
See 24-Down BEAR
See 64-Across BALLET
Shapely school subj.? GEOM
Short bylaw? REG
Skeptical reply ASIF
Skilled speaker ORATOR
Sneak off and hide ABSCOND
Speaks in a boring way DRONES
Spicy dip SALSA
Spray holder VASE
Stella Artois alternative BECKS
Stuck in __ ARUT
Swedish wheels SAAB
They run often in summer, initially ACS
Took off again REROSE
Toon nephew HUEY
Trifling MERE
Trompe l'__ OEIL
Truck propeller DIESEL
Units of force NEWTONS
Waterside sights PIERS
Wearable ads, maybe TSHIRTS
Western skyline sight MESA
Wild revelries ORGIES
With 112-Down, classic Faulkner story THE
Witherspoon of 'Wild' REESE
Word for us OUR
Word with bed or board ROOM
World Cup cry GOAL
Young fellow LAD
__ Bridge, which connects Buffalo, NY, to Fort Erie, Ontario PEACE
__ Office OVAL