Family Time - Jun 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"American ___" (TV show) IDOL
"Filet" fish SOLE
"Game, ___ and match" SET
"___ Are My Sunshine" YOU
"___ each life some rain ..." INTO
"___ mouth, insert foot" OPEN
Annapolis freshman PLEBE
Apple part CORE
Auto trial (2 words) ROADTEST
Be victorious WIN
Bedsheet material LINEN
Bigger than large HUGE
Bookmarked, in a way DOGEARED
Breakfast for an old Roman? OVA
Chicken home COOP
Chipping choice IRON
Course section UNIT
Curriculum component MODULE
Definitely not fast SLOW
Definitely not soft FIRM
Draw an outline around TRACE
Enter letters TYPE
Feeling of wonder AWE
Frugal shopper's destination (2 words) DISCOUNTSTORE
Fuss or bother ADO
Gas in some signs NEON
Geezer COOT
Had a light meal ATE
Hip about ONTO
Ingredient in many lotions ALOE
Interpret writing READ
It's made of noodles PASTA
Jacket attachment SNAP
Clues Answers
Lie outstretched SPRAWL
Long arm of the daw? WING
Mesa's cousin BUTTE
Miner's find ORE
Minor chess piece PAWN
Novice or rookie TYRO
Old alphabetic symbol RUNE
One-___ street WAY
Opera solo ARIA
Opposite direction of west EAST
Part of a razor EDGE
Penny CENT
Permit LET
Pigskin prop TEE
Quilt part PATCH
Repo man's document LIEN
Shape of the president's office OVAL
Small boat mover OAR
Small smile GRIN
Smash, as a fly SWAT
Snake's shape COIL
Steak preference, for some RARE
Take on, as a quality ENDUE
Tardy LATE
Toy building-block brand LEGO
Trucker's tractor-trailer RIG
Try to date WOO
Understand, as a joke GET
Venomous reptile ASP
With nothing remaining ALL
Word shouted on a golf course FORE
___ O's (cereal) OREO
___ York City NEW