New York Times - Jun 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Just playing' IKID
'The Handmaid's Tale' novelist ATWOOD
Abbr. after U.S.M.C., maybe RET
Actress/singer Gaynor MITZI
Bit of fishing equipment EELPOT
Bit of fudge? FIB
Brief flashes GLINTS
Chance to take stock, for short IPO
Cinematographer's consideration ANGLE
City on a gulf of the same name ADEN
Descriptor for a police force FINEST
Easy pitch LOB
Finally admit, say FESSUP
Foreign language dictionary abbr MASC
Green film character SHREK
Had more than one could handle ODED
Having the resources ABLE
High-quality coffee variety KONA
Ignatius J. ___, protagonist in 'A Confederacy of Dunces' REILLY
It's a gas OZONE
Keynote ORATE
Letters on a crucifix INRI
Like some laws DIETARY
List from an etiquette expert NONOS
Local leader UNIONREP
Long gestation for a film, informally DEVELOPMENTHELL
Love lines? ODE
Many Lost Generation poets, briefly EXPATS
Newspaper coverage INK
Norman Vincent ___, best-selling motivational writer PEALE
Nursery bagful GRASSSEED
One of the Wayans brothers DAMON
Clues Answers
Oxymoronic break WORKINGVACATION
Palynologists study them SPORES
Part of Michelangelo's 'David' once maliciously broken with a hammer TOE
Passes (out) DOLES
Plea bargain component NOCONTEST
Pleasant forecast SUN
Poorly crafted SHODDY
Porters may be found near them ALES
Proceed wildly CAREEN
Public firing? PYRE
Puts away STORES
Quash HALT
Rabbit's favorite chain restaurant? IHOP
Rams home, for short NFC
Risk territory bordering Ukraine and Afghanistan URAL
Room backstage at a playhouse COSTUMESHOP
Send a revealing image, say SEXT
Sister company of Yahoo AOL
Slacker's opposite DYNAMO
Sleepy still? CEL
Star of 'North Dallas Forty,' 1979 NOLTE
Step-by-step instructions? DANCELESSON
Stick in the dugout OAR
Stock holding STEER
Symbol of San Francisco CABLECAR
Tech's character set ASCII
They often start with elections ERAS
Tip, say THANK
Was patronizing, in a way MANSPLAINED
Web address ender ORG
Wide gap ABYSS
___ moment AHA
___ Sea, body of water between Borneo and the Philippines SULU
___ war (conflict unlikely to hurt anyone) NERF