The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,841 - Jun 7 2019

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Clues Answers
26, for example, in its place, turned up insults ABUSES
A number is oddly right for next solution, say Submariner
Article in French about fit groups of sportsmen LEAGUES
Changed course, you said, in sound — also depth HAULED
Clear kind of flask stowed inside, as far down as possible NETHERMOST
Fill with passion and have lofty aim? FIREUP
Fish from either side of dinghy DORY
Heartlessly, say, represented modern indications of disorder SYNDROME
Keep things shipshape on end of berth below BENEATH
Like big creature and not small one, with tail raised ENORMOUS
Like savage animal, it goes back into thicket BRUTISH
Literary diarist translated 24 across NOBODY
Little time left before close of play to produce score TWENTY
Naval craft 24 across destroyed, very much without point MENOFWAR
Clues Answers
Nothing covering area that gives quick protection NAIL
One I can upset about game on board, good for long voyages OCEANGOING
Perform well, holding head up, in part of leg SHINBONE
Pick out examples, possibly, being extremely selective ESPY
Pressing forward, I circle around IRONING
Previous solution in fiction, one found in movie NEMO
Sailor embracing French author or English composer TAVERNER
Sea creature — as usual, it changed after new start NAUTILUS
Submerged, perhaps? Marvellous! OUTOFSIGHT
Travels fast with American that's thrown off ship JETSAM
Twist and Shout — a great number! THOUSAND
Understand female, mostly in some depth FATHOM
Vexed about European tree such as beech, from what we hear SEASHORE
Write name before getting aboard, standard for ship PENNON