- Jun 6 2019

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Clues Answers
''Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'' author LOOS
''Jabberwocky'' opener TWAS
''__ noche'' (tonight) ESTA
1970s dance clubs DISCOS
A newbie no longer TRAINED
A-listers VIPS
Actor, once a senator FREDTHOMPSON
Baby sea lion PUP
Brewer's oven OAST
Certain reunion group CLAN
Coffee bean attractions AROMAS
Common RSVP enclosure SASE
Company abbr INC
Corroded EATEN
Current with UPON
Dinnertime whine IMSTARVING
Director, once a mayor CLINTEASTWOOD
Downspout neighbor, often EAVE
Drapery accessory TIE
Excavated resources ORES
Former Ugandan despot AMIN
Game-show name since the '70s ALEX
Get close to VERGEON
Golfing area TEE
GPS reading SSE
Greek peace goddess IRENE
Green stone JADE
Group before millennials XERS
Half the time? AMS
Honorary law deg LLD
Hot-air balloon filler GASJET
How much to take DOSE
Image file format GIF
Italian scooter VESPA
Japanese video genre ANIME
Knock for a loop STUN
Clues Answers
Lee the director ANG
Little Red Book reader MAOIST
Magnificence POMP
Maintain (that) ALLEGE
Make trouble STIRITUP
Marc Antony descendant NERO
Metaphor for a mess STY
Mimicked APED
Minor, in law PETIT
Most populous Oceanian city SYDNEY
Noah Webster alma mater YALE
Nordic capital OSLO
Not so bright anymore FADED
Note-taking need PEN
Off the mark ASTRAY
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Prankster's presentation GAG
Previous USMC lance corporals PFCS
Prince William's eldest GEORGE
Profession or procession LINE
Public health org AMA
Request for a face-to-face SEEME
Ring of orchids, say LEI
Small plum SLOE
Space Race competitor USSR
Spanish ''What's up?'' word PASA
Spider's pouch EGGSAC
Star of the first ''Fiddler'' MOSTEL
States of stability STASES
Stuffing ingredient CELERY
Succeed with one's workouts GETINSHAPE
Sung odes HYMNS
Term applied to musical heydays ERA
TV host, once a governor JESSEVENTURA
TV host, once a mayor JERRYSPRINGER
Viscount's superior EARL
Zeus' destructive son ARES