Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 6 2019

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Clues Answers
''Much ... About Nothing'' (Shakespeare) ADO
... de corps, team spirit ESPRIT
A weight to secure in place ANCHOR
Amounts incurred in the performance of work EXPENSES
Bought and sold TRADED
Boundary or demarcation LIMIT
Circuit of a racetrack LAP
Commotion, din RUMPUS
Correct, right ACCURATE
Counsel, guidance ADVICE
Empty space between things GAP
Ends a marriage DISSOLVES
Fastened by sewing STITCHED
Fork of a main stem BRANCH
Goods carried by a vehicle CARGO
Happen OCCUR
In the arms of Morpheus ASLEEP
Indistinct or imprecise VAGUE
Clues Answers
Large body of water OCEAN
Mental strain STRESS
Mire, quagmire MORASS
Non-speaking actor EXTRA
Odd greatness of these army and police ranks SERGEANTS
Only small parts of them are seen above water ICEBERGS
Professional clown of the middle ages JESTER
Provide furniture with padding, springs etc UPHOLSTER
Purpose, aim INTENT
Rodin or Rowan Gillespie, say SCULPTOR
Small sociable whales DOLPHINS
Spanish sun SOL
Stiffening carbohydrate STARCH
Tasty treat turns into a cool cheat CHOCOLATE
Turned pale, with fear perhaps BLANCHED
Utterly defeated in a contest HAMMERED
Vital organ HEART