Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'Charlotte's Web' author EBWHITE
'Don't rub —!' ITIN
'Mayday!' SOS
'Oops!' UHOH
1959 Kingston Trio hit MTA
Aachen article EIN
Acts altruistically DOESGOOD
Ad — HOC
Angelic ring HALO
Barak of Israel EHUD
Boring DULL
Brainiac WHIZ
Burlap fiber JUTE
Cantankerous ORNERY
Casserole base TUNA
Catch some Z's SNOOZE
Chinese secret society TONG
Cookouts, briefly BBQS
Debtor's note IOU
Despot TSAR
Earth Day mo APR
First lady of scat ELLA
Fixes, as software DEBUGS
Flamenco cheer OLE
Flow out EBB
Golfer Ernie ELS
Heavy weight TON
Highlander SCOT
Clues Answers
Hindmost parts TAILENDS
Jittery EDGY
Keep from spoiling PRESERVE
Kvetches NAGS
Lakeside rental JETSKI
Leer at OGLE
Little rascal IMP
Longtime CBS News anchor Walter CRONKITE
Mag. staff EDS
Noble Italian family ESTE
Orange veggie YAM
Pack of cards DECK
Pequod captain AHAB
Phoenix cagers SUNS
Related AKIN
Relinquish WAIVE
Stereo component WOOFER
Stewpot OLLA
Summers in Paris ETES
Summit ACME
Switchboard worker OPERATOR
Talk up TOUT
Test versions BETAS
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Unctuous OILY
Witticism MOT
Wood eater TERMITE
Young cow CALF
Zodiac cat LEO