- Jun 5 2019

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Clues Answers
''Ethan __'' (Wharton novel) FROME
''Hurray!'' YAY
''Pardon me . . .'' IFIMAY
''To thine own __ be true'' SELF
Advantage, informally LEGUP
And so on: Abbr ETC
Aspiration AIM
Baseless, as rumors IDLE
Bugler's evening tune TAPS
Bullfight cheer OLE
Casting director's category TYPE
Celestial bear URSA
Celestial sight STAR
Cousins of lynxes BOBCATS
Crosstown transportation BUS
Crunchy sandwich, for short BLT
Defeated in boxing KOD
Earl Grey or oolong TEA
End-of-newscast summary RECAP
Enthusiast LOVER
Fawns and does DEER
Feeling of fright FEAR
Feline of the zodiac LEO
Front tooth INCISOR
Fuss ADO
Genealogy diagram TREE
Health-food store salt source SEA
Healthful resort SPA
Highly original NOVEL
Insider's offering TIP
Italian ''No problem'' PREGO
June honorees DADS
Made the grade PASSED
Major thoroughfare ARTERY
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Music media before CDs LPS
Musical discernment EAR
Offer at retail SELL
Oval shape in math ELLIPSE
Clues Answers
Parish leader RECTOR
Pea holders PODS
Piña colada ingredient RUM
Poet Angelou MAYA
Poetic spheres ORBS
Prefix meaning ''many'' MULTI
Prepared to propose KNELT
Pressure meas PSI
Quite a ways from here FAR
Ready to proceed SET
Reply to ''Gracias'' DENADA
Ring of light HALO
See 26 Across THELIMIT
Signal from a clock ALARM
Simplify EASE
Skilled worker PRO
Slightly moist DAMP
Slithery swimmers EELS
Slowly permeated SEEPED
Small music group TRIO
Small whirlpool EDDY
Some cakes LOAFS
Sound of a crowd ROAR
Sounds the horn HONKS
Spiny houseplant ALOE
Stand up RISE
Suffix for fruity beverages ADE
Taco chip dip SALSA
Timid underling LACKEY
Very small PEEWEE
Water beside Buffalo ERIE
Western tie BOLO
Wide belt SASH
Wine and dine WOO
With 47 Across, try hard TAKEITTO
Without assistance ALONE
__ one's time (wait) BIDE