The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7983

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Clues Answers
Arctic homes IGLOOS
Artificial fibre RAYON
Authoritative decision RULING
Bland entertainment PABULUM
Deep purplish colour CLARET
Devilish SATANIC
Egg hatcher INCUBATOR
First Greek letter ALPHA
Formal speech ORATION
Game for two or four TENNIS
Heraldic black; fur SABLE
Intermediary go-between
Items of luggage BAGS
Clues Answers
Normal, usual GENERAL
Not inherent EXTRINSIC
Part of a flower PETAL
Part of the eye IRIS
Put off, discourage DETER
Shine wetly GLISTEN
Small point DOT
Small songbird TIT
Strangely ODDLY
Strew randomly SCATTER
Two-legged animals BIPEDS
Visual aid to reasoning symbolic logic
Yellowish-green finch SISKIN