- Jun 4 2019

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Clues Answers
''Am not!'' rebuttal ARESO
''In that case . . .'' IFSO
''Knock it off!'' STOP
''Not gonna do it!'' IWONT
''Rats!'' DARN
''Sure thing!'' YES
A big fan of INTO
African antelope GNU
All-inclusive ENTIRE
Apt to sulk MOODY
Boulder ROCK
Bygone flightless bird DODO
Cake-baking chamber OVEN
Church service MASS
Coloring experts DYERS
Crunchy Tex-Mex shells TACOS
Effective medicines REMEDIES
Emcee's opening words INTRO
Feeds, as a fire STOKES
Fishy tales, sarcastically LIKELYSTORIES
Folklore brute OGRE
Fund, as a scholarship ENDOW
Generic dog FIDO
Greek T TAU
Half a diameter RADIUS
Height: Abbr ALT
High rank in the USN ADM
High reputation PRESTIGE
Hospital staffers NURSES
Improbable proposals FARFETCHEDIDEAS
In first place ONTOP
Japanese robe KIMONO
Junk email SPAM
Large coffeepots URNS
Lose temporarily MISLAY
Meat in many omelets HAM
Medicinal amount DOSE
Nest-egg acronym IRA
Clues Answers
Netlike fabric MESH
Not yet mailed UNSENT
Optimistic feelings HOPES
Out of danger SAFE
Pay-__-view movie PER
Physicians' org AMA
Plant with fronds FERN
Poem of tribute ODE
Prefix for final SEMI
Prepared for publication EDITED
Puts frosting on ICES
Really impresses AWES
Reduce in rank DEMOTE
Restaurant bill TAB
Rich cake TORTE
River mouth formation DELTA
Rubbernecker STARER
Setting sun direction WEST
Ski resort hotel LODGE
Slight coloring TINT
Slip into DON
Smooth routine GROOVE
Solemn agreement AMEN
Solved with ease ACED
Soprano's solo ARIA
Strong impulse URGE
Subtle glow AURA
Symbol for a state on a flag STAR
Takes advantage of USES
That lady's HERS
Traditional Arctic dwellings IGLOOS
TV encore program RERUN
Unenviable accolades DUBIOUSHONORS
Well-groomed TIDY
What basketballs contain AIR
What manes are made of HAIR
Young stallion COLT
__ Allan Poe EDGAR
__ game (pitcher's dream) NOHIT