Universal - Jun 4 2019

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Clues Answers
"___ My Name" (Destiny's Child song) SAY
'60s-'70s Bruin Bobby ORR
A and B, for a record SIDES
Aid partner ABET
All ___ lead to Rome ROADS
Angelic-sounding Xbox game HALO
At this point THUSFAR
Aware, socially and politically WOKE
Bashful SHY
Basics ABCS
Bird venerated in ancient Egypt IBIS
Black cat, e.g., to some OMEN
Common lunchtime NOON
Cool 2002 Disney film? ICEAGE
Crater Lake's state OREGON
D-Day beach OMAHA
Dabs with water WETS
Diddy's given name SEAN
Epiphany exclamation AHA
Give up, as land CEDE
Gives cards to DEALSIN
Grape or strawberry candy NERDS
Hot dog grippers TONGS
Hurdle for a future atty LSAT
Infinity doesn't have one END
It comes from the heart AORTA
Jared of "Requiem for a Dream" LETO
Kilauea contents LAVA
Kitchen utensil brand OXO
Like "Cars" and "WALL-E" RATEDG
Marry WED
Medical insurance grp HMO
More golden-brown, as hair SANDIER
More repulsive GROSSER
Most applied-to U.S. college UCLA
Mythology LORE
NBA great Ray ALLEN
Clues Answers
Neighbor of Guinea-Bissau SENEGAL
One whose pants are on fire, figuratively LIAR
Permit ALLOW
Prefix meaning "eight" OCTA
Pulsate THROB
Reds or Cavaliers fan, probably OHIOAN
Repetitive condition: Abbr OCD
Sailor's septet SEAS
Savanna or rain forest BIOME
Say yes ASSENT
Secret ___ (spy) AGENT
Single man's deodorant? BACHELORSDEGREE
Ski resort fixture TBAR
Slightly open AJAR
Small goods vendor PEDDLER
Soft fabrics SATEENS
Soldier's bed COT
Spy's deodorant? SHADOWBAN
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Sushi bar eggs ROE
Swamps FENS
Tag player's cry NOTIT
The Queen's deodorant? VICTORIASSECRET
The Wailers' original genre SKA
They shouldn't outweigh benefits COSTS
Tip jar bills ONES
Toothed wheel RATCHET
Traffic directors? ARROWS
Units of hay BALES
Unwanted scalp dwellers LICE
Villain of "2001: A Space Odyssey" HAL
Waikiki locale OAHU
Warrior's deodorant? BATTLEAXE
West Coast gas brand ARCO
What many furry dogs do SHED
Where to spend kopeks RUSSIA
___ alai JAI
___-Zaba (classic taffy bar) ABBA