The Washington Post - Jun 4 2019

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Clues Answers
'Before __ you go ... ' ILET
'First Blood' tough guy RAMBO
'Give me __' ASEC
'Humboldt's Gift' Pulitzer-winning novelist SAULBELLOW
'I left __ on the fridge' ANOTE
'Look what I did!' TADA
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
'Today' rival, for short GMA
Actress Gilbert of 'The Conners' SARA
Animal heard at the end of 17-Across SNAKE
Animal heard at the end of 30-Across WOLF
Animal heard at the end of 46-Across MOOSE
Animal heard at the end of 62-Across SEAL
Audibly stunned AGASP
Baking soda amts TSPS
Bandleader Arnaz DESI
Blues singer James ETTA
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Brit. police rank INSP
Brunch, e.g MEAL
Building toy with theme parks LEGO
Campfire residue ASH
Canoe material BIRCHBARK
Cheating on an ethics exam, e.g IRONY
Competes (for) VIES
Completely full SATED
Dated PC monitor CRT
Declared with authority SAIDSO
Easy-peasy thing SNAP
Enemy of ancient Athens SPARTA
Fin. neighbor SWE
Florida's Miami-__ County DADE
Grandstand level TIER
Highest degree NTH
Highlands language ERSE
Jamaican resort MONTEGOBAY
Mag workers EDS
Clues Answers
Marcher's flute FIFE
Marijuana CANNABIS
Mediocre SOSO
Mexican buffet offering SALSABAR
New England fish SCROD
Norway's most populous city OSLO
Not out SAFE
Off in the distance AFAR
Org. for Naomi Osaka WTA
Pages with viewpoints OPEDS
Patent's genesis IDEA
Piglet's little buddy ROO
Places for contacts EYES
Pointy-eared Jedi master YODA
Prefix with mural INTRA
Ready-fire link AIM
Sailing companion of the Niña PINTA
Sam of 'Jurassic Park' NEILL
Sci-fi figures ETS
Selfish types HOGS
Sleeps till noon, say GETSUPLATE
Slithery sea creatures EELS
Some Lincoln Center productions OPERAS
Some Picassos OILS
Sports gp. with a tour PGA
Stretch out in a recliner REST
Sunning areas POOLS
Suspected 1930s-'40s spy ALGERHISS
Teller's comedy partner PENN
Texas A&M student AGGIE
Thrill to pieces ELATE
Took a peek LOOKED
TV host Meredith VIEIRA
Walkman insert, once CASSETTE
What an open window allows in FRESHAIR
You, in Germany SIE
__ buco: veal dish OSSO
__ Kan pet food KAL
__ rug AREA