The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Aristocratic TITLED
Attempt to surround old city TROY
Battered chest containing yard tool SCYTHE
Best boy makes stand in warehouse DEPOT
Blemish SCAR
Bloke is refashioning pillar OBELISK
Bus station DEPOT
Chamber orchestra's first instrument CELLO
Come to pass military boss with dog OCCUR
Container PACKET
Damage small vehicle SCAR
Deadly sin has animal out on limb SLOTH
Doctor wearing fur creates conflict COMBAT
Dog missing old wine a ton HUNDRED
Dominate Poles left in Eastern Avenue ENSLAVE
Elvis not upset by story writer NOVELIST
Fighting COMBAT
Fish died and moved on ice SKATED
Happen OCCUR
Hertfordshire locale TRING
Herts town band at end of street TRING
House okay with a hot pipe HOOKAH
Clues Answers
Indolence SLOTH
Large amount of money in parcel PACKET
Leader in crisis HEAD
Old geezer in the country OMAN
Opinions of tipsy wives VIEWS
Oriental smoking device HOOKAH
Perspectives VIEWS
Potentially integral figure TRIANGLE
Principal HEAD
Reaping implement SCYTHE
Red spies can cause break up DISPERSE
Romantic ladies excited with it IDEALIST
Scatter in all directions DISPERSE
Serpent possibly existing now PRESENT
Setting of the Iliad TROY
Shout down BARRACK
Songbird was first to be named TITLED
String quartet member CELLO
Subjugate ENSLAVE
Tapering monument OBELISK
Three-sided polygon TRIANGLE
To heckle ex-President's about right BARRACK
Used rollerblades SKATED
War and Peace author TOLSTOY
Writer in chaos lost plaything TOLSTOY