Wall Street Journal - Jun 4 2019 - Alternate Address

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Clues Answers
'A Death in the Family' author James AGEE
'Aladdin' monkey ABU
'Cruel and unusual punishments' amendment VIII
'Don't be ridiculous!' OFCOURSENOT
'Giant' writer Ferber EDNA
'I'll Be Around' group THESPINNERS
Add funds to, as a phone card RELOAD
Air marshal's org TSA
Ball marker? LONZO
Banned backyard game LAWNDARTS
Bar patron's request NOICE
Baseball's Matty or Moises ALOU
Be indiscreet BLAB
Bejeweled headbands TIARAS
Belted constellation ORION
Besieged city in the 'Iliad' TROY
Betsy DeVos's cabinet dept EDUC
Biblical boatwright NOAH
Black label? CLINT
Brand name? RUSSELL
Cafeteria headgear HAIRNET
Caterer's fuel STERNO
Chicken ___ king ALA
Consider DEEM
Defeated decisively THUMPED
Disgust ODIUM
Draft device TAP
Drives the getaway car, say ABETS
Five Norwegian kings OLAFS
Floor cleaning tool DRYMOP
For face value, as stocks ATPAR
Former General Motors line OLDS
Found x, maybe SOLVED
Gaunt BONY
Hen or heifer SHE
Home of the world's tallest building DUBAI
Intellectual poseur, informally PSEUD
Intensely stirred up ABOIL
Clues Answers
It's below tin on the periodic table LEAD
Lie against ABUT
Like some coincidences EERIE
Love handle? COURTNEY
Major manufacturer of faucet fixtures MOEN
Medicare Advantage program PARTC
Meth lab raiders NARCS
Moonfish OPAH
Nation south of Rwanda BURUNDI
Nation west of Rwanda, formerly ZAIRE
National Zoo's Tian Tian, e.g PANDA
Oberon who was a 1935 Best Actress nominee MERLE
Othello's betrayer IAGO
Pacific nation that's also a Girl Scout cookie SAMOA
Pale tan ECRU
Political party's inclusive quality BIGTENT
Price tag? LEONTYNE
Pub pour ALE
Queen Elizabeth's daughter ANNE
Rocker Reed LOU
Scottish hunting dog DEERHOUND
Small complaint NIT
So-called 'bad cholesterol' LDL
Some are legal PADS
Some Little League coaches DADS
Some Little League players SONS
Sousa composition MARCH
Spa attire ROBE
Subtleties NUANCES
Tach readout RPM
Take as a given ASSUME
Tureen tool LADLE
Woolly one LAMB
Young fellow LAD
___ Stacy (Spider-Verse Spider-Woman's alter ego) GWEN