The New Yorker - Jun 3 2019

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Clues Answers
"Good Will Hunting" setting, briefly MIT
"I'd sooner die!" NEVER
A hundred sawbucks GRAND
Alcohol often served with sushi RICEBEER
Author of "The Beauty Myth" NAOMIWOLF
Bedding layer SHEET
Belief system CREDO
Bob who cameoed as himself on "Home Improvement" VILA
Browser button RELOAD
Buggy release BETA
Cease, on the seas AVAST
Course-load units SEMESTERHOURS
Curved fastener UBOLT
Deep hollows GULFS
Digging, in a sense DETECTIVEWORK
Disconcert ADDLE
Dispose of EAT
Downloadable lecture TEDTALK
Early film MATINEE
Eliminates middlemen from, as an industry UBERIZES
Falcon-headed god HORUS
Film character whose real name is Thomas A. Anderson NEO
Finger pointer ACCUSER
Fix up REDO
Flashy item? STROBE
Fox-hunt signal HORN
Game featuring balls of different colors MINIATUREGOLF
Go out EBB
Harlequin's line ROMANCENOVELS
Impassioned ARDENT
Jordanian city once known as Philadelphia AMMAN
Kazakhstani boor from a 2006 film BORAT
Large combo NONET
Clues Answers
Lefty LIB
Macron's "much obliged" MERCI
Mark of affection? LOVEBITE
Mideast chieftans EMIRS
Narrowly beats, with "out" NOSES
One's beginning or end? VOWEL
Part of Offred's uniform BONNET
Pigment used in four-color processing MAGENTA
Post securer TENURE
Proceed against SUE
Pulitzer-winner Paula for "How I Learned to Drive" VOGEL
Reaches GETS
Referees hold them aloft REDCARDS
Runner of errands LEGMAN
Schedule entry EVENT
Set aside DEVOTE
Shelf supporter DOWEL
Site of America's largest military surrender BATAAN
Sleep-inducing drug OPIATE
Some Victoria's Secret wares TEDDIES
Stamp on a large envelope DONOTBEND
Target-practice venue GUNCLUB
They take orders 24/7 ETAILERS
Throw in the towel SAYUNCLE
Ticket buyer's choice SEAT
Took off FLED
Up-front OPEN
Voice of Aslan in the "Chronicles of Narnia" films NEESON
Weapon seen in "The Terminator" UZI
What rumination involves CUD
Yield from a yellowwood DYE
___ squash (ridged vegetable) ACORN