Wall Street Journal - Jun 3 2019 - Inner Peace

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Clues Answers
'Omnia vincit ___' AMOR
Academic email address ender EDU
Band audition recordings DEMOS
Bar in the bath SOAP
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Best grade APLUS
Big Apple initials NYC
Buck's mate DOE
Bumped off ICED
Campfire treat SMORE
Chiding sound TSK
Church law CANON
Clicking device OPTICALMOUSE
Come by GET
Copenhagen native DANE
Dedicated poems ODES
Deli loaves RYES
Did laps, perhaps SWAM
Euro division CENT
Evidence of fire ASH
Flow forth EMANATE
Food label letters RDA
Foot, fathom or furlong UNIT
Former Persian ruler SHAH
Genre for 'Survivor' and 'Chopped' REALITY
Grammy-winning hit for Young MC BUSTAMOVE
Greek market AGORA
Hankerings YENS
Hectic workplaces for MDs ERS
Hunts for SEEKS
Inner peace, incorporated in the four longest Across answers CALM
It's hammered out DENT
Journey TRIP
Kick out EVICT
Like some kitchens EATIN
Like some potatoes, dice and questions LOADED
Like some woodland rocks MOSSY
Clues Answers
Loses it SNAPS
Make one's own ADOPT
Malek of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' RAMI
Measure originally defined as one minute of latitude NAUTICALMILE
Neptune's domain SEA
New Jersey hockey pro DEVIL
Ointment amounts DABS
Pasture LEA
Perfect example EPITOME
Photographer Goldin NAN
Popular Mazda roadster MIATA
Prince William's alma mater ETON
Product pitches ADS
Put down LAID
Russian region known for its harsh winters SIBERIA
Sept., Oct. and Nov MOS
Set free from ropes UNTIE
SFO screeners TSA
Shelley's elegy for Keats ADONAIS
Small-but-loud group VOCALMINORITY
Soothes EASES
Spooky EERIE
Stan of Marvel Comics LEE
Takes into custody DETAINS
Teakettle's output STEAM
Teeny bit IOTA
The Buckeyes' sch OSU
Thurman of 'Pulp Fiction' UMA
Transplant, as a houseplant REPOT
Try to win by cheating PLAYDIRTY
Umpire's call OUT
Valiant HEROIC
Walk through the shallows WADE
Wild guess STAB
Winner of the Tony for Best Musical in 2016 HAMILTON
Words on a candy heart ILUVU