The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,020 - Jun 3 2019

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Clues Answers
A boss set out to produce heat-resistant material ASBESTOS
Ante up change for a kind of butter PEANUT
Artist returning without painting finally dropped SAGGED
Bench for sport to exercise bust BANKRUPT
Cause of casualties in account given by police to hospital department? ACCIDENT
Chaplain boarding earlier ship SCHOONER
Cheats accepting punishment for nonsense FIDDLESTICKS
Difficult ship for one reluctant to compromise? HARDLINER
Draw deceased PM without husband DEADHEAT
Endlessly creating names for waterproofing product DUBBIN
Fear evident in the manner of soldier at sea ALARM
Fish, unusual British trout? TURBOT
Insect swallowed by black American bird BANTAM
Man goes gathering fruit MANGO
Clues Answers
Meet a ship with man excited by drugs AMPHETAMINES
Mysterious Houdini finally caught in strange magic net ENIGMATIC
Office holder, one new to money, secures university degree INCUMBENT
Paste soon turns to mineral SOAPSTONE
Popular Canadian dip is red-hot INCANDESCENT
Sane people worried by a snoring problem SLEEP
Seeds coming from small openings in the skin SPORES
Setter's wood for making model IDEAL
Sort of sour-tasting liquid ruined diving career CIDERVINEGAR
Surviving son leaves navigational instrument EXTANT
Teacher of English taking old coin (gold) EDUCATOR
Treat with pills a doctor swallowed MEDICATE
Turn up, wearing tie, having a common plan TOGETHER