The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1365

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Clues Answers
A state of shock as US port bombed STUPOR
A taxi brought over American? One may count on it ABACUS
After commencement of case, guarantee condemnation CENSURE
After hour, girl returned hair dye HENNA
Afterwards, roof worker loses head LATER
Answer male supporting relatives in the US government Uncle Sam
Attempt to save knight in difficulty BIND
Closest among relatives are in cosy home NEAREST
Come up against fine champion FACE
Cost of corresponding after decline POSTAGE
Dishonest female fired from amusement park UNFAIR
Endless courage results in try HEAR
Fortified stronghold and lake in order CASTLE
Clues Answers
Get on with head of crime in New York bureau AGENCY
Hobby in father's era PASTIME
Match a colour, almost AGREE
Old joke that may get a roasting? CHESTNUT
Restaurant in street covered by writer BISTRO
Sea fish about right money BRASS
Second bachelor in disorderly crowd MOB
Smoother, second eleven in front of club steam iron
Some debs, surprisingly, did relief work? EMBOSSED
Stickler's point in market MARTINET
Top dog, reportedly PEAK
Traditional dish in bar, almost cooked roast lamb
What sounds like bent grass? RYE