The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7981

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Clues Answers
Becoming ever more steep EXPONENTIAL
Calm, tranquil SERENE
Characteristic TYPICAL
Close to the centre INNER
Dim illumination CANDLELIGHT
Extremely wicked EVIL
Going from place to place PERIPATETIC
Hanging down DANGLING
Higher in position UPPER
Lively; pulsating VIBRANT
Number; soccer team ELEVEN
NZ native MAORI
Clues Answers
One fleeing from reality ESCAPIST
Pottery coating GLAZE
Remove, erase DELETE
Ring-tailed mammal RACCOON
Rural sport and leisure establishment country club
Small hole for lacing EYELET
Solidify on cooling CONGEAL
Surrounded by AMID
The woman's HERS
Tied estate worker SERF
Trains, teaches EDUCATES
Written laws STATUTES