The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 2 2019

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Clues Answers
'... by ___ chance ...' ANY
'Californication' actor Handler EVAN
'Cancel the mission!' ABORT
'Exodus' co-star Sal MINEO
'Goodfellas' co-star Joe PESCI
'Once' octet TONYS
'The Double Man' poet AUDEN
'The queen of Auto-Tune,' per the New York Post CHER
'Tomb Raider' gun UZI
'Twilight' heroine, as depicted on Indian currency? RUPEEBELLA
'What a tasty cake!' YUM
1980s sitcom named for its star actor (but not his character's name, which was Dick Loudon) NEWHART
2000 hit by the Red Hot Chili Peppers OTHERSIDE
2018 Netflix stand-up comedy special with Hannah Gadsby NANETTE
A river runs through it, potentially RAVINE
Allies of the Missourias, once OTOES
Artistically provocative EDGY
Ashley, to Mary-Kate SIS
Asian island capital TAIPEI
Avoid chores, say LAZE
Barbecue discard COB
Be pertinent to BEARON
Belligerent Greek god ARES
Big Four bank with metropolitan headquarters, aptly CITI
Boiled cornmeal dish POLENTA
Bother GETTO
Bourne portrayer Matt DAMON
Business on the web DOTCOM
Butcher shop offering LOIN
Castles in the ___ AIR
Catch during a sting ENTRAP
Cell transmissions EMAILS
Character in 'Thelma & Louise'? AMPERSAND
Charlie Brown's sibling SALLY
Circumvent BYPASS
Cochlea's site EAR
Command to a kid to be patient? WAITCHILD
Comparable (to) AKIN
Curt denial NOTI
Declaration that naturalist Charles and physicist Georg are the same person? DARWINISOHM
Devils Tower in Wyoming, e.g BUTTE
Dinosaur introduced in 'Super Mario World' YOSHI
Discus thrower's motion SPIN
Disney heroine who seeks to restore the heart of Te Fiti MOANA
Documentary film director Erin Lee ___ CARR
Dog topper RELISH
Dull, as a party DEAD
Emulate Mel Tormé SCAT
Engage in hostilities WAGEWAR
Enthusiast DEVOTEE
Enthusiast NUT
Eton College enrollees BOYS
Fertilized cells OVA
Followed ENSUED
Furry adoptee PETCAT
Gems mined in Australia OPALS
Genre for Lil' Kim RAP
Given the chop? MINCED
Had the items in this puzzle's fourth row, say ATE
Hard work TOIL
Having a gold coat GILT
Her book club's first selection was 'The Deep End of the Ocean' OPRAH
Hit, as a fly or a flyball SWAT
Home of the Virginia Museum of Transportation ROANOKE
Hydrocarbon with ring-shaped molecules BENZENE
Ifill once on PBS GWEN
Imitation ERSATZ
In competition with AGAINST
Insurance matter CLAIM
Island resort area COAST
Clues Answers
It's of interest to Holmes CLUE
It's played on car trips ISPY
Jamaican liquor you can drink on a late-night flight? REDEYERUM
Jazz great Montgomery WES
Khao pad gai cuisine THAI
Kurylenko of 'Oblivion' OLGA
Letters before an alias AKA
Luggage identifier TAG
Makes tidy NEATENS
Med. diagnostic MRI
Mine finding ORE
Moronic DUMB
Most gloomy DREARIEST
Mr. Burns's alma mater on 'The Simpsons' YALE
Nikola Jokic of the NBA, e.g SERB
Nimble SPRY
Not in rhythm OUTOFSTEP
Office holders? EASELS
One committing a betrayal RAT
One planting explosive salad plants? ENDIVEBOMBER
Opposite of expressive STONY
Org. helping young refugees UNICEF
Org. with its own cryptologic museum NSA
Owing (to) DUE
Part of a public transit fleet BUS
Periodical mistakes ERRATA
Place in a tomb INTER
Pool table location, maybe DEN
Preposition in an ode ERE
Proclivity BENT
Produce a change of heart, say? OPERATE
Program for the small screen? APP
Pugilistic sequence ONETWO
Remain fresh KEEP
Reply heard in a pool POLO
Richard of 'Amelia' GERE
Rig at a rest stop SEMI
Scan pages READ
See 7 Down ALDA
Setter's sound ARF
Skeptic magazine subj ESP
Soldiers of the Middle Ages armed with spears PIKEMEN
Some soup vegetables BEETS
Space ___ (portable warming device) HEATER
Spelled as spoken, and what's spelled out by the sounds added to eight phrases in this puzzle when said aloud PHONETIC
Start on a par-5, say TEEUP
State definitively AVER
Structure for you or me BODY
Telly's TV buddy ELMO
Time when Pooh's gloomy friend existed? DAYSOFEEYORE
Tournament unit GAME
TV show featuring a sea cow whose performances are televised as they happen? MANATEELIVE
Unlike a braggart MODEST
Visiting locally INTOWN
Vitality PEP
Vitality VIGOR
Waffle shade TAN
Walkways for a show host? EMCEEPATHS
Wall Street figures TRADERS
Web access letters ISP
Wide receiver's footwork while falling out of bounds TOETAP
With 17 Down, author of the kids' book 'Sheep, Sheep, Sheep, Help Me Fall Asleep' ARLENE
Work stoppages? BREAKS
Yemen citizen, often ARAB
Yemen seaport ADEN
[What a shocker!] GASP
___ around (wander) BUM
___ card DEBIT
___ English OLD