New York Times - Jun 2 2019

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Clues Answers
'Encore!' AGAIN
'That bothers me' IMIND
'___ a dream ...' IHAVE
'___ we?' SHALL
Adoption org ASPCA
After-hours convenience ATM
Ancient Greek land that hosted the Olympics ELIS
Animal wearing red pajamas in a children's book LLAMA
At some point LATERON
Bad actor in a stoner movie? BAKEDHAM
Bard of ___ AVON
Be behind the camera for a blockbuster stoner movie? DIRECTHITS
Be short OWE
Befuddled ATSEA
Big acronym in education STEM
Big name in insurance AFLAC
Big nonprofit that operates the Department of Defense Safe Helpline RAINN
Blood flow aid STENT
Bottom-heavy fruit PEAR
Broadcasts EMITS
Bubble tea flavor TARO
Buckwheat noodles SOBA
Came down to earth ALIT
Careful word choice, maybe TACT
Cause of a blowup, in brief TNT
Center of the U.S. auto industry MOTORCITY
Certain Franciscan FRIAR
Certain godchild NIECE
Certain Mexican-American CHICANA
Chief Ouray and others UTES
Command to a dog HEEL
Components of stoner movies? POTSHOTS
Cupid, e.g GODOFLOVE
Dance specialty TAP
Davis Cup competition MENSTENNIS
Density symbols RHOS
Deploy USE
Dissident/writer Khashoggi JAMAL
Dog, for some GUIDE
Ending of a stoner movie? JOINTRESOLUTION
Farrow with a Golden Globe MIA
Fencing along a sidewalk TREEGUARD
Film heroine who says 'Somebody has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, flyboy' LEIA
Fired AXED
First post-B.C. year ONEAD
Floats WAFTS
Flooring wood ASH
Fratty feats KEGSTANDS
Furniture wood ELM
Game's end MATE
Give a hard time VEX
Gives what for SCOLDS
Half of doce SEIS
Having two beats per measure, in music DUPLE
Hella cool DOPE
HI goodbye ALOHA
Honeydew relative CASABA
How many network sitcoms are rated TVPG
Île de la ___ CITE
In worse health ILLER
Indignant denial IDIDNOT
Initials hidden in 'jetway,' appropriately TWA
Inter ___ ALIA
Item taken out of its packaging before it's sold FLOORMODEL
James in both the Blues and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame ETTA
Jewish snack KNISH
Kiddie ride TRIKE
Kind of seeds in health foods CHIA
Clues Answers
Kitchen work before cooking PREP
Lends a hand with contraband? ABETS
Like ornithologists' studies AVIAN
Line on many a business card WEBSITE
Lit ___ CRIT
Make a jumper, say KNIT
Maryland's ___ Barton Parkway CLARA
Memo abbr ATTN
Midlife crisis feeling ANGST
Museo contents ARTE
No longer gray, say DYED
Not worth hashing out MOOT
Notices SEES
One being taught a lesson TUTEE
One who might get a parade HERO
Orkney resident SCOT
Overstayed, e.g IMPOSED
Part of V.S.O.P OLD
Peewee RUNT
Piccolo relative FIFE
Piece on a1 ROOK
Pioneer who lent his name to six U.S. counties BOONE
Quality feigned by a humblebrag MODESTY
Repentance subjects SINS
Rival of Ole Miss BAMA
Rock's Brickell EDIE
Rubberneck GAWK
Salsa variety VERDE
Samin ___, best-selling cookbook author NOSRAT
Scornful syllable FEH
See 82-Across THEAISLES
Set a good example, perhaps LED
Set apart ALLOT
Shift from one dialect to another, depending on the social context CODESWITCH
Siamang or orangutan APE
Singer Chesney KENNY
Singer Goulding ELLIE
Site of an annual May race LOUISVILLE
Smooths EASES
Splits lickety-split FLEES
Squad bringing more than their B game? ATEAM
Stoner movie that flops at the box office? SMOKEBOMB
Stoner movies? PUFFPIECES
Strummed instruments, for short UKES
Style to pick? AFRO
Subjected to a hostile takeover RAIDED
Swirl EDDY
Tension in a stoner movie? HIGHDRAMA
Terse email reply THANKS
The cutting of one's jib? SAILMAKING
The Horned Frogs of the Big 12 Conf TCU
Tips for journalists LEADS
Top-tier ALIST
Tough H.S. science class APCHEM
Travel kit contents TOILETRIES
TV host with the autobiography 'Born a Crime' NOAH
Two tablets, maybe DOSE
Underhanded plan RUSE
Unfindable, so to speak OFFTHEGRID
Up in the air ALOFT
Very, in slang MONDO
Wheat ___ GERM
Window option TINT
With 84-Across, like an audience during a stoner movie? ROLLINGIN
Woman's nickname that elides 'Na' TASHA
World capital once behind the Iron Curtain SOFIA
Youngest Jetson ELROY
___ Calrissian, 'Star Wars' role LANDO
___ the lily GILD
___ track (attack song) DISS