New York Times - May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
'Cheers!' LCHAIM
'Honest!' NOLIE
'Isle of Dogs' director Anderson WES
'Queen' on Broadway NALA
'Quickly!' ASAP
1% of the body? SENATOR
401(k) alternatives IRAS
Abbr. on a professional's shingle DDS
Actress Bullock SANDRA
Ancient greeting AVE
Ancient marauder HUN
Apian way? BEELINE
Appended, with 'on' TACKED
Arya's father on 'Game of Thrones' NED
Big Apple product IPHONE
Big sender of CDs in the 1990s AOL
Boston athlete whose #4 jersey has been retired ORR
Businessman who gave his name to Berkeley's business school HAAS
Class with ranges, informally HOMEEC
Coastal inlet RIA
Cross swords, say FENCE
Dead ... / Drop .. BEATBOX
Depiction in 'Saving Private Ryan' DDAY
Dog ... / Star .. PADDLEBOARD
Downturn DIP
Duty TAX
E equivalent FFLAT
Edgar, Oscar and Tony AWARDS
Enchilada topper MOLE
Finished, as second or third CAMEIN
Fire ... / Screen .. POWERPLAY
Fitbit bit STEP
Flock member EWE
Frequent first word MAMA
Greek letters NUS
Independent counsel during the Bill Clinton scandal KENSTARR
It's between Huron and Ontario ERIE
Jack ... / Cheese .. POTHEAD
Clues Answers
Jayhawks rival, for short KSU
Kill bill? VETO
Kind of soup OXTAIL
Knight renowned for heroism and chivalry PALADIN
Laundry room brand ERA
Laundry room supply BLEACH
Lead-in to 'vu' DEJA
Like some stock shares VESTED
Mean dog ... or a flea on a dog BITER
Nettle VEX
Old men PAS
Outed covert C.I.A. officer Valerie PLAME
PC hookup LAN
Peter ... / Rabbit .. JACKSONHOLE
Poetic contraction EEN
Preferences TASTES
Question seen in some online memes AMIRITE
Revolutionary subject for Banksy CHE
Role in 'The Avengers' IRONMAN
Sauced LIT
School for James Bond ETON
Sensitive figure to ask someone about PAY
Signature on a message to readers, maybe EDS
Smoke detector alert BEEP
Space ... / Bar .. TIMEFLIES
Spanish chess piece REY
Sport competed in barefoot, in brief MMA
Steamed IRATE
Surmounting ATOP
System used in hematology ABO
That: Sp ESO
Thundered ROARED
Toilette water EAU
Unit of magnetic flux WEBER
Was humbled ATECROW
Welcomes ASKSIN
What every infinitive in Esperanto ends in ANI