New York Times - May 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'Exodus' author URIS
'Good riddance!' NOLOSS
Appetizer often served with chutney SAMOSA
Archipelago part ISLE
Attire in which to retire, briefly PJS
Bordeaux buddy AMI
Brings up REARS
Bygone Mideast inits UAR
C-worthy SOSO
Convened MET
Del Toro of 'The Usual Suspects' BENICIO
Delight ELATE
Digital image format JPEG
Exemplar of innocence LAMB
Fawned-over figure IDOL
Fine meal FLOUR
First sign of spring ARIES
Flurry ADO
French novelist Marcel PROUST
Freshness SASS
Give quite a shock TASE
Green with the 2010 hit 'Forget You' CEELO
Hairstyle COIF
Head off AVERT
Hoppy quaff, for short IPA
Horatian creations ODES
Hydrant hookup HOSE
Idle, with 'off' GOOF
It gets the wheels turning AXLE
Little help? ELF
Little something to eat NOSH
Long way to go? DETOUR
Love handles, essentially FLAB
Make content SATE
Marriott competitor OMNI
McFlurry flavor OREO
Clues Answers
Menagerie ZOO
Morn's counterpart EEN
Narrate audiobooks? SPEAKVOLUMES
Native people of southern Arizona PIMA
Nephew of Abraham LOT
New Mexico resort town TAOS
No longer in PASSE
Old Soviet naval base site ODESSA
One on a soapbox ORATOR
Opening night nightmares PANS
Operator USER
Orange juice specification NOPULP
Perform poetry? EXPRESSLINES
Pitcher's problem SOREARM
Place for a crow's-nest MAST
Pledge of allegiance, maybe IDO
Prepares on short notice RUSTLESUP
Rain slightly SPIT
Recite aphorisms? STATEMOTTOES
Ring master ALI
River named for a Plains tribe OSAGE
Run ___ (postpone the bar bill) ATAB
Senses, as trouble SMELLS
Slider on an abacus BEAD
Snake eyes or boxcars, in craps ROLL
Something to see SIGHT
Souls, e.g KIAS
Swiss city on the Rhine BASEL
Taking after ALA
There's a bridge at the top of it NOSE
Times New ___ (popular typeface) ROMAN
Two things in a 747 AISLES
Typos and such ERRATA
Word with boll or Bowl COTTON
Word with pint or plus SIZE
___ code AREA
___ Trueheart, Dick Tracy's love TESS