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Clues Answers
'60s conflict site NAM
'60s hairdos AFROS
'Cagney and —' LACEY
'Grand Ole' venue OPRY
'You can't beat me!' IRULE
'— little harder' TRYA
1974 hit subtitled 'Touch the Wind' ERESTU
2009 Colin Farrell film ONDINE
2015 Bryan Cranston film TRUMBO
26-Down's country, to its natives NORGE
39.37 inches METER
Acted omnipotent PLAYEDGOD
Actor Tom of 'The Seven Year Itch' EWELL
Actress Farrow MIA
Adversities ILLS
Always, to a bard EER
Antique OLD
Aquarium favorite GOLDFISH
Aunt's sis, maybe MAMA
Babble on PRATE
Bad smell ODOR
Bank door abbr FDIC
Being tried in court ATBAR
Big brawl RIOT
Bit of a climb STEP
Black-and-white bite OREO
Bygone flight inits TWA
Cambodian currency RIEL
Capital in Scandinavia OSLO
Certain day of the wk TUE
Chess or charades PARLORGAME
Chop down HEW
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Criminals, to cops PERPS
Croquet site LAWN
Darn, e.g SEW
Dern of films LAURA
Designer Saarinen EERO
Divvies up ALLOTS
Dry white wine of Italy PINOTGRIGIO
Dudes MEN
Eagle nests AERIES
Fairy ELF
Film director Nicolas ROEG
Film rating that's apt for this puzzle's theme PGTHIRTEEN
Financial aid option PELLGRANT
Fine rain MIST
First Hebrew month NISAN
Forest figure RANGER
Funnywoman Tracey ULLMAN
Gig gear AMPS
Go around ORBIT
Golf marker PIN
Grind, as grinders GNASH
Happy GLAD
Hay bundler BALER
Hi- — (some stereos) FIS
Hibachi, often PATIOGRILL
Highest ladder part TOPRUNG
How tuna may be packed INOIL
Hugs, in a love note OOO
Iowa city AMES
It, in Italy ESSA
Jail official PRISONGUARD
Japanese beer ASAHI
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Keystone — KOP
Landing site PIER
Lead-in to Pen EPI
Limey's drink GROG
Lobbying gp PAC
Long Russian river VOLGA
Clues Answers
Long-nosed swimmer GAR
Man-mouse link ORA
Mani- — PEDI
Mop and — GLO
Narcissist's quality BIGEGO
Novelist Deighton LEN
Novelist Levin IRA
Novelist Rand AYN
Ordinance LAW
Otherwise ELSE
Page of films ELLEN
Ponying up, in poker ANTEING
Prayer place ALTAR
Pt. of ETA ARR
Rebel Turner NAT
Red flower POPPY
Refined find ORE
Reply to 'You're a stinker!' AINTI
Research into a political foe's weaknesses, in slang OPPO
Resistance to change INERTIA
Result of a falling-out RIFT
Roget's entry: Abbr SYN
Romanov royal TSAR
She's a symbol for a cause POSTERGIRL
Signaled 'yes' NODDED
Silky casing COCOON
Singer Baker ANITA
Sinks heavily PLOPS
Siouan tribespeople OTOES
Six, in Roma SEI
Slugging stat RBI
Small, loose stones for a walkway PEAGRAVEL
Snaring loop NOOSE
Societal welfare PUBLICGOOD
Sparked anew RELIT
Stable grain OAT
Stack messily HEAP
Starbucks selections MOCHAS
Stats, e.g INFO
Suffix with planet OID
Taint MAR
Tehrani, e.g IRANI
Tell the judge you did it Pleadguilty
Teresa of — AVILA
The Divine, in Genoa DIO
The planets, e.g OCTET
Thick cuts SLABS
Things to show a trainee THEROPES
Three days after 45-Down: Abbr FRI
Throws together RIGSUP
Tuna net SEINE
U.K. 'Inc.' LTD
U.K. mil. fliers RAF
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Under-soil layer of clay HARDPAN
Verdi's '— Miller' LUISA
Verizon Fios, e.g ISP
Waters off Qatar PERSIANGULF
Wearing tattered duds INRAGS
Wet expanse OCEAN
Window material PLATEGLASS
Word div SYLL
Yalie ELI
Year, to Livy ANNO
Yet to come AHEAD
Yoga pose ASANA
— -Magnon CRO
— cum laude SUMMA
— flowing with milk and honey ALAND
— four (small cake) PETIT
— voce SOTTO