Universal - May 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"Celebrity Big Brother" winner Braxton TAMAR
"Cut me some ___!" SLACK
"Desus & Mero" channel, for short SHO
"Little" star Rae ISSA
"That was ages ___" AGO
"The Jeffersons" had 11 of them SEASONS
"___ Planet" (nature series) OUR
"___ your heart!" BLESS
"___-haw!" YEE
Amigos PALS
Arrogant phenom UPSTART
Aspirational figure IDOL
Aye's opposite NAY
Blue hue AZURE
Bronte's Jane EYRE
Capris, e.g PANTS
Cheech and Chong, e.g.? HIGHCARDPAIR
Cheese cracker flavor CHEDDAR
Chiding sounds TSKS
Close by NEAR
Colossal BIG
Cosmic balance principle KARMA
Disorder MESS
Early Hendrix hit HEYJOE
Enjoy Tahoe SKI
Entrap SNARE
Explosion sound BLAM
Fasting month RAMADAN
Garden sprayer HOSE
Geekish NERDY
German automaker AUDI
Get away from ELUDE
Had debts OWED
Herbal brews TEAS
Hmong, say ASIAN
Iguanas, e.g LIZARDS
Insignificant duel partner? MINUTESECOND
Clues Answers
Knotted up TIED
Leg day site GYM
Letters on meat packages USDA
Like grams but not pounds METRIC
Living room perch SOFA
Long or Franklin NIA
Make tweaks to EDIT
Makes the rounds? BARTENDS
Monthly payment RENT
Morsel in a "casino" dish CLAM
Nailed one's exit? LEFTRIGHT
Not outgoing SHY
Notion IDEA
Olympian's blade EPEE
Pacific or Indian OCEAN
Patella's place KNEE
Philippines currency PESO
Pieces of lumber LOGS
Prof's helpers TAS
Pulls the plug on ENDS
Purple hue LILAC
Radon finder TESTKIT
Simba, to Mufasa SON
Singer in the 2019 documentary "Homecoming" BEYONCE
Singer Simone NINA
Smell awful REEK
Sprinter's race DASH
Take responsibility for OWN
Take to court SUE
Unsubscribes OPTSOUT
Viola attachment CHINREST
Volcanic powder ASH
Waited for a cue STOODBY
What 17-, 26- and 46-Across do JOINHANDS
Wipe the court with ROUT
Wrap brand SARAN
___ Award (Oscar) ACADEMY
___ de los Muertos (Mexican holiday) DIA