USA Today - Aug 19 2009

Clues Answers
"America, the Beautiful" pronoun THEE
"Daniel Boone" co-star Ed AMES
"Now I know my ___" ABCS
"___ Lisa" (Nat King Cole song) MONA
Abbr. on business cards TEL
Accumulated knowledge WISDOM
Amused expression GRIN
And others ETAL
Atomic number 26 IRON
Awaiting service INLINE
Away from the breeze ALEE
Beat badly CREAM
Beverage units OUNCES
Bird of Argentina RHEA
Blame taker GOAT
Botswana monetary unit PULA
Business deg. MBA
By way of VIA
Certain grains OATS
Churchill had a polka dotted one BOWTIE
Circumvent EVADE
City with a notable tower PISA
Cockleshell, for one BOAT
Cocktail garnish PEEL
Consent under pressure ACCEDE
Dead concert wear TIEDYED
Desirable reviews RAVES
Division for a min. SEC
End of many sanctuaries APSE
Extremely angry IRATE
Fall from the sky? RAIN
Film-developer's abbr. ENL
Great lake ERIE
Have a one-track mind OBSESS
Having to do with birds AVIAN
Healing succulent ALOE
Humiliate ABASE
Immeasurably long period of time (Var.) AEON
In desperate need of water SERE
Clues Answers
It may be about a foot SHOE
Keepsake TOKEN
Lamentable SAD
Large hawk OSPREY
Loch that's 23 miles long NESS
Microwaves ZAPS
Mouth that needs to be shut? TRAP
New Testament book JAMES
One who may have an August birthday LEO
Parts of weaving moves ZAGS
Pertaining to sheep OVINE
Pickles that aren't sweet DILLS
Pink-legged wading bird STILT
Pitching stat ERA
Point of culmination APEX
Prepare for sticking, perhaps MOISTEN
Puts back to 000 RESETS
Red River tribe CADDO
Respiratory organ of fish GILL
Roofer's concerns EAVES
Sherrif's assistance POSSE
Shin-kicker BRAT
Short-tailed wildcat LYNX
Sign of healing SCAB
Some political hirees AIDES
Sovereigns' spheres ORBS
Stagnate IDLE
Tennis unit SET
Thundering group HERD
Very expensive drive RODEO
Well around Trevi Fountain? BENE
Well-rounded breakfast? BAGEL
Woman's address MAAM
Word for feeling lethargic BLAH
Words with "life" or "grip" GETA
___ Mahal TAJ