The Washington Post - May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'Area' floor covering RUG
'Bad, Bad Leroy Brown' singer Jim CROCE
'Beau __' GESTE
'Divergent' films heroine TRIS
'For my next __ ... ': singer's intro NUMBER
'Honor Thy Father' author Gay TALESE
'Lawrence of __' ARABIA
*Annual Florida football game ORANGEBOWL
*Bread with a schmear ONIONBAGEL
*Coastal North Carolina resort area OUTERBANKS
*Séance prop OUIJABOARD
*Source of free drinks OPENBAR
Actress Richards DENISE
Big fuss ADO
Bit of computer RAM MEG
Business magnate CZAR
Can opener POPTAB
Chief Greek god ZEUS
Classic Pontiac muscle cars GTOS
Clog-busting brand DRANO
Cockney greeting ELLO
Country star McEntire REBA
Deep regret REMORSE
Desi of 'I Love Lucy' ARNAZ
Dogie catcher ROPE
Equal PEER
Escape key function UNDO
Ex-Yankee manager Joe TORRE
Fire engine signal SIREN
Friend of TV's Sheldon and Leonard RAJ
From __: all-inclusive ATOZ
Goldberg who drew complex 'machines' RUBE
Gossip columnist Barrett RONA
Greek god of love EROS
Hint of color TINGE
Ill. winter hours CST
It's not poetry PROSE
Jazz genre BOP
Justice replaced by Gorsuch SCALIA
Clues Answers
Like some private communities GATED
Lincoln in-law TODD
Line through the middle of a circle: Abbr DIAM
Macho guys HEMEN
Make healthy CURE
Mexican's zilch NADA
Military academy student CADET
Mono successor STEREO
Online players GAMERS
Pants holder-upper BELT
Parody SPOOF
Pass over SKIP
Polish a manuscript EDIT
Prez on a fiver ABE
Primary foe RIVAL
Really dull DRAB
Regarding ASTO
Roberto or Sandy of baseball ALOMAR
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
Scheming group CABAL
Second-year student SOPH
Serious play DRAMA
Simba's mate NALA
Smack, as a fly SWAT
Smashed into RAMMED
Somewhat ABIT
Stool pigeon RAT
Take advantage of USE
Take care of SEETO
Theater award ... and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues OBIE
Therapy visit SESSION
Ticket remnant STUB
To be, to Balzac ETRE
Top-notch AONE
Valley __, Pa FORGE
__ Ant: tiny toon superhero ATOM
__ Lingus AER