The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,018 - May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
Argument about learner having crashed by the sound of it SPLAT
Back section of laser-based weapon SABRE
Bound to cover slip, if alarmed TERRIFIED
Check in with a mate CHINA
Copy line in saga that artist has adopted REPLICA
Covers speeches without commercial introduction DRESSES
Dated lover allowing no room to move STALEMATE
Dull rhyming couplet — that's one word for it HUMDRUM
Encourages Spurs fans FUELS
European got in a tailspin ITALIAN
Fat cow messing in back row reveals something special WOWFACTOR
Firstly, action is the French approach in the theatre AISLE
Hide elite to provide protection from surface damage SKINCREAM
Holds in custody having broken up arms den REMANDS
In control as well at the summit ONTOPOF
Intense and awfully rude, but well groomed MANICURED
Clues Answers
Is it played by romantic speculators? FOOTSIE
It is drawn out for one supporting evolution DARWINIST
Leader drunk pink gin KINGPIN
Leading counsel hopeful as suit enters court CHASE
Meeting point for attack on Italian club INTERFACE
One looking for a lift after hitch HIKER
Online discussion of weak setting for Bach variation WEBCHAT
Pretty ordinary, yet oddly mourned, painter MUNDANE
Put off changing temperature to Fahrenheit — it's really just the same DETER
Rotten worker — and so rude! OFFHAND
Sort of weird male who features in the Bible ISHMAEL
Stranger picked up beside station seat POSTERIOR
Take short run with addict TROUSER
Tart with desire to embrace Egyptian poisoner WASPISH
Those people stand over timeless recommendations for players' problem THEYIPS
Tough position — perhaps as a result of lying? HOTSEAT