The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,048 - May 11 2019

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Clues Answers
... postpone or carry on? HOLDOVER
Anger surrounds team backing pick-me-up ELIXIR
Carve hearts and so on at the front ETCH
Change of lens unless needed for moody feeling SULLENNESS
Column goes into reversing lateral liposuction PILLAR
Detectives given instruction to arrest Republican in a state DISTRAUGHT
Disturbing someone in hospital, ringing in SINISTER
High and low will be present, after really going in opposite directions EVERYWHERE
Humanitarian's trial is cut -- that's corrupt ALTRUISTIC
Hurry along or up in bike race TROT
Left wing's first half getting stuck into passing and tackle DEALWITH
Loyalist beginning to pen criminal law STALWART
Lunatic orating about year for revolution GYRATION
Make 'Raking Fire' part of surrealist RA festival STRAFE
Clues Answers
More than one central part in clue to be solved NUCLEI
Most unusual, Conservative's interrupting converted actress SCARCEST
New in cricket side, needing time before hard stretch LENGTH
One murdering great joke? KILLER
Pack skimpy underwear as clothing for run THRONG
Pathetic meeting ... TOUCHING
Rear deer HIND
Reckoning to have bowled poorly BILL
Rule out report of how lazy compiler acquired crossword? PRECLUDE
Sanctimonious, having a tendency to scoff about Right PRIGGISH
Standard jeans -- slim gent seeking every other option ENSIGN
They'll get pipes going in lake -- with people having a row that should be lead-free LIGHTERS
Trade in vehicle I parked by headland BUSINESS
Weak are more unco-operative HELPLESS