New York Times - May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'Alternatively ...,' in texts OTOH
'E' on a gas gauge EMPTY
'No surprise to me!' IKNEWIT
'Start the music!' ... or what one could do to the finish of the answer to each starred clue HITIT
'The ___ & Stimpy Show' REN
'What ___ I say?' CAN
'Whoa, ease up!' RELAX
'___ you through?' ARE
*Beanbag juggled with the feet HACKYSACK
*Government's credit limit DEBTCEILING
*Much-visited site in Jerusalem WESTERNWALL
*Part of a ship just above the hold LOWERDECK
*Seafood topping that may be red or white CLAMSAUCE
*Symbol for 'O.K.' CHECKMARK
18+, e.g., in order to be able to vote AGE
Actress Davis of 'The Accidental Tourist' GEENA
Assistant AIDE
Barely warm TEPID
Beer barrels KEGS
Belles at balls, informally DEBS
Bury, as ashes INURN
Concert proceeds GATE
Conclusion END
Cry of fright EEK
Develops a glitch ACTSUP
Did a backstroke, say SWAM
Dish made from taro root POI
Double-curved molding OGEE
Ease, as fears ALLAY
Edward who wrote 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' ALBEE
Figured (out) SUSSED
First full month of Major League Baseball, often: Abbr APR
Fork prong TINE
Full-time resident of a college community TOWNIE
Get the suds out RINSE
Girl Scout cookie with a geographical name SAMOA
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Guarantee ASSURE
Clues Answers
Hubbub ADO
Illuminating gas NEON
Intense devotion ARDOR
Issa ___ of HBO's 'Insecure' RAE
Labor organizer Chávez CESAR
Language in Bangkok THAI
Lester Holt and Anderson Cooper NEWSMEN
Like a gift from above GODSENT
Like many infield grounders ONEHOP
Made-up story LIE
Massage intensely ROLF
McKinnon of 'S.N.L.' KATE
Medical facility CLINIC
Military program for coll. students ROTC
Motorized two-wheelers SEGWAYS
None's opposite ALL
Not us THEM
Onetime police officer EXCOP
Org. concerned with ecosystems EPA
Person in a cockpit PILOT
Place for a baby to sleep CRIB
Post office purchase STAMP
Practices épée, e.g FENCES
Prefix with state TRI
Put on a black coat? TAR
Reproductive part of a flower PISTIL
Resort with mineral waters SPA
Served raw, as steak TARTARE
Sleuth, in slang TEC
Smith or Scialfa of rock PATTI
Stan's co-star in over 100 early film comedies OLLIE
State bird of Hawaii NENE
Ticks off IRKS
Trail PATH
Treaties PACTS
Vaping device, informally ECIG
Vienna's home: Abbr AUS
Wide open, as the mouth AGAPE