L.A. Times Daily - Aug 18 2009

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Clues Answers
"Nana" author Zola EMILE
"You bet!" SURE
*B.B. King's genre BLUESMUSIC
*Gold rush phenomenon BOOMTOWN
*Group that might indict GRANDJURY
*Hits the gas STEPSONIT
*Take no action SITTIGHT
Assents at sea AYES
Bee, to Opie AUNT
Boozer SOT
Boston team, briefly CELTS
Bottom line NETGAIN
Caught on to GOT
Cave dweller BAT
Chemical in Drano LYE
Chopped into cubes DICED
Classic TV brand RCA
Cold outburst? ACHOO
Copy, for short REPRO
Depletes, with "up" USES
Detest HATE
Did some pressing work? IRONED
Easel, e.g. STAND
Eerie ability, briefly ESP
Entice LURE
Feels sorry about RUES
Final authority SAYSO
Furry Himalayan legend YETI
Galileo's sci. ASTR
German industrial area RUHR
Goalpost part CROSSBAR
Green prefix ECO
Herb garden staple BASIL
High nest AERIE
La Méditerranée, e.g. MER
Lender's charge RATE
Like fine wine AGED
Londoner, e.g. BRIT
Clues Answers
Moments of clarity INSIGHTS
Most loyal TRUEST
Moved like bees SWARMED
Muscleman's quality BRAWN
Must-miss movie rating, probably NOSTARS
Neil Simon's "The Goodbye __" GIRL
Nintendo system involving physical exertion WII
Note to the staff MEMO
Parceled (out) DOLED
Parisian pal AMI
Places for facials SPAS
Prefix with sphere HEMI
Professional charges FEES
Publisher with a castle HEARST
Puffs up BLOATS
Quickie haircut TRIM
Rage IRE
Rugged outcropping CRAG
Russian rulers of yore TSARS
Scottish singing sensation Boyle SUSAN
Sighting in the sky, for short UFO
Singer LaBelle PATTI
Slim __: snack sausage JIM
Smooth out EVEN
Sounds of surprise OOHS
Spoil ROT
Spring blossom IRIS
Sunni's faith ISLAM
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Take a breather REST
Train track foundation ROADBED
Trumpeter Al HIRT
Ump's outstretched-arms call SAFE
Use TurboTax, say EFILE
Washroom tub BASIN
Well-behaved GOOD
Where Van Gogh painted "Sunflowers" ARLES
Wicked EVIL
Word that can precede the starts of the answers to starred clues BABY