The Sun - Two Speed - May 17 2019

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Clues Answers
A time to invite bid ATTEMPT
Agitate STIR
Alpha male gets little bit ATOM
Andalusian city GRANADA
Bury Football Club seen in Milan INTER
Characteristic habits LIFESTYLE
City in Quebec MONTREAL
Clergyman brings six to vehicle VICAR
Could healthy one get Lesley fit? LIFESTYLE
Dance (informal) HOP
Day-time existing in Canadian location? MONTREAL
Discipline Charlie then, as dissipated CHASTEN
Dogs fight in large group MASTIFFS
Great shame INFAMY
He has dog rolling barrel HOGSHEAD
Hit the darned thing! SOCK
Hold two jobs (informal) MOONLIGHT
Imposing area outside a Spanish location GRANADA
Inhume INTER
Insole SOCK
Joint inflammation GOUT
Large canines MASTIFFS
Large cask HOGSHEAD
Later life old age
Clues Answers
Like dad mate keeps a bird PATERNAL
London theatre district west end
Marry without nest built in classy area west end
Maybe go with deal in senior years old age
Middle-Eastern nation OMAN
Nothing in belly causes disease GOUT
Notoriety in family one learner leaves INFAMY
Old bloke is Yemeni neighbour OMAN
Pains restricting poorly Greek hero ACHILLES
Parson VICAR
Perform better than United in nil-nil? OUTDO
Proportion SYMMETRY
Relative in this island SIS
Separate or distinct OTHER
Short trip in chopper HOP
Sibling (informal) SIS
Sinuous WAVY
Small particle ATOM
Spy chief in resolved mystery shows balance SYMMETRY
Surpass OUTDO
Unmarried mum finds alternative OTHER
Victor in street that's undulating WAVY
Wake up in prison STIR
Warrior at Troy ACHILLES
Work late to produce a sonata MOONLIGHT