New York Times - May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Begone!' SHOO
'Dagnabbit!' NUTS
'Net' preceder DOT
'Three Days of the Condor' director POLLACK
'Well, ain't that fancy!' OOLALA
2008 animated film set in ancient China KUNGF
A student might bring this up in an intro class GPA
Angela who played Tina Turner BASSETT
Ball holder TEE
Blunder GOOF
Bread used for soup SOP
Buildings with circular floor plans ROTUNDAS
Button-downs? KEYSTROKES
Class with breathing techniques LAMAZE
Cry accompanying a fist pump YES
Fruit named for a region of France DANJO
Go out for a bit DOZE
Goodie bag contents SWAG
High time in Judaism Holydays
Hung pieces of art MOBILES
Increase rapidly ... or a hint to connecting four pairs of answers in this puzzle RAMPUP
Japanese floor coverings TATAMIS
Jeong of 'Crazy Rich Asians' KEN
Kind of skirt HULA
Large military unit LEGION
Letters between two names AKA
Low-hanging clouds STRATI
Money in Malmö KRONOR
Moonshiners' equipment STILLS
Music genre for Weezer EMO
N.C.A.A.'s Big ___ Conference SKY
Not kosher, in Jewish law TREF
Clues Answers
Not many tracks are found on them, for short EPS
Not slouching ERECT
Once again ANEW
One side of a debate FOR
One to whom you might say 'Boo!' REF
One-named singer with an 'ö' in her name BJORK
Org. disbanded in 1991 KGB
Parent company of Kool-Aid KRAFT
Part of a race LEG
Person behind the curtain? STAGEACTOR
Perspective ANGLE
Place name lead-in to -folk or -wich NOR
Popular Samsung smartphone GALAXY
Powder holder KEG
Put in stitches? SEW
Rae who created 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl' ISSA
Raises from the dead? EXHUMES
Relatives of rhododendrons AZALEAS
Sgts. outrank them CPLS
Shepherd's locale LEA
Small carp NIT
Sound made while clasping oneself BRR
South American landmark whose name means 'old peak' MACH
Speak, as thou might SAYST
Sports replay effect SUPERSLOMO
Start of a polite request IFYO
Superhero with a lightning bolt symbol SHAZAM
Swimmer's woe EARACHE
Test, in a way ASSAY
Toast at a Jewish wedding LCHAIM
Try to win at auction BIDON
Wears pajamas all day, e.g LOLLS
Word after Great or before Street WALL
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
[groan] UGH
___ fly SAC