The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7965

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Clues Answers
Additional items EXTRAS
Animal collection ZOO
Army carrier KITBAG
Conjecture GUESSWORK
Drinks; traps GINS
Father, P PAPA
Gold purity measure CARAT
Like liquefied ice MELTED
Number EIGHT
Piece left over REMNANT
Questioned (after a mission) DEBRIEFED
Clues Answers
Reader's place keeper BOOKMARK
Reflexive pronoun ITSELF
Removing outside layer SKINNING
Respected, distinguished EMINENT
Showed the way LED
Singing voice ALTO
Small floppy disk DISKETTE
Station; battle WATERLOO
Stop sleeping AWAKE
Swiss city ZURICH
Treated cruelly; insulted ABUSED
Violently killed SLAIN
Woollen bed cover BLANKET