New York Times - May 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'I don't think so' NAH
'Tattered Tom' author Horatio ALGER
'That's impossible!' ITCOULDNTBE
'u r 2 funny' LOL
'___ is Gorges' (T-shirt slogan) ITHACA
<- What this is for this puzzle THEME
Acts skittish SHIES
Belly, in babyspeak TUM
Bright night light NEON
Buttresses AIDS
California wine region SONOMA
Cereal brand with a weight-loss challenge SPECIALK
Close one NEARMISS
Common bar mixer COLA
Cousin of a weasel SABLE
Draw back EBB
Economist Bernanke BEN
Enjoyed no end ATEUP
Environmental destruction ECOCIDE
Family inheritance GENES
First half of a Beatles title OBLADI
Give as an example CITE
Had a hankering ITCHED
Hall-of-Fame player whose number has been retired by every team in Major League Baseball JACKIEROBINSON
He served between Bush 41 and Bush 43 PRESIDENTCLINTON
In good shape TONED
Kia model RIO
Kitchen gadgets CORERS
Life lines? BIO
Like a 14-year-old vis-à-vis the Little League World Series TOOOLD
Line of clothing? SEAM
Mer contents EAU
Michael of 'Superbad' CERA
Michael's family in 'The Godfather' MAFIA
Michael's wife in 'The Godfather' KAY
Mideast royal name SAUD
Military academy freshman PLEBE
Mystiques AURAS
Clues Answers
Non-___ (label on many organic foods) GMO
Obsessive fan, in modern slang STAN
One hell of a writer? DANTE
Part of a Hanukkah meal LATKE
Pennsylvania city ERIE
Pigeon sound COO
Place to solve a crossword, maybe JOHN
Playground game TAG
Prefix with natal NEO
Quite gaunt BONY
Red ink DEBT
Rock band? ORE
Rosters LISTS
Safe place VAULT
Serum container VIAL
Setter or retriever BIRDDOG
Sharpen WHET
Showing the overall view MACRO
Skill tested by Zener cards, for short ESP
Skirmish TUSSLE
Sloughs off SHEDS
Snicker sound TEHEE
Some movie f/x CGI
Something to jot notes on PAD
Spreading out SPLAYING
Sterling silver and such ALLOYS
Supermarket section AISLE
Swamp snapper CROC
Tom's love in 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' BECKY
TV's 'Murder, ___ Wrote' SHE
Two-dimensional measure AREA
Uses performance-enhancing drugs DOPES
Value of snake eyes TWO
What the computer Deep Thought was programmed to figure out in 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' THEMEANINGOFLIFE
Wine glass part STEM
Yellow card issuer REF
Young 'un TOT
___ Valley, neighborhood in San Francisco NOE