- May 13 2019

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Clues Answers
''Not guilty,'' for one PLEA
''Uh-huh'' YEAH
''Wow!'' GEE
A Great Lake ERIE
Adolescent TEEN
Adorable child CUTIE
Airy chocolate dessert MOUSSE
Ali __ (Forty Thieves' adversary) BABA
Alias for F sharp GFLAT
At any __ (nevertheless) RATE
Baseball hitter's opportunities ATBATS
Bldg.'s rental units APTS
Bottom of a statue BASE
Circumference GIRTH
Crown of a princess TIARA
Des Moines' state IOWA
Director Woody ALLEN
Earl Grey and pekoe TEAS
Easily duped NAIVE
Edible sunflower morsel SEED
Eight-person singing group OCTET
Elegant party GALA
Emotionally distant ALOOF
End of Congress' website GOV
Factual TRUE
Father's Day month JUNE
Finds a sum ADDS
Frequently ALOT
Fridge message holder MAGNET
Fuel for an old furnace COAL
Greek salad cheese FETA
Green tropical fruit GUAVA
Guys who write jingles ADMEN
Hill-building insects ANTS
Holder of fishing line REEL
In a competent manner ABLY
In the past AGO
Initial poker payment ANTE
Clues Answers
Is boastful BRAGS
Major tourist attraction MECCA
Mideast pocket bread PITA
Oil change, for short LUBE
Owned by you and me OUR
Parcel out ALLOT
Part of TGIF ITS
Part of the eye IRIS
Peanut butter holders JARS
Performed a tune SANG
Pilot light, for example FLAME
Plane's freight loader BAGGAGEHANDLER
Plane's meal server FLIGHTATTENDANT
Plane's tank filler AIRCRAFTFUELER
Pops, as a balloon BURSTS
Radar screen images BLIPS
Routing letters on an envelope ATTN
Salespersons, for short REPS
Seasonings in shakers SALTS
See eye to eye AGREE
Shortened wds ABBRS
Sign of the future OMEN
Small bay COVE
Snakelike fishes EELS
Solitary-type person LONER
Spherical hairdo AFRO
St. Pete's state FLA
Stingy one MISER
Swampy grounds BOGS
Swiss mountains ALPS
Trims (off) LOPS
Twitter message TWEET
Vehicle in supermarkets CART
Walk-__ (minor roles) ONS
Word-of-mouth ORAL
Worship from __ AFAR
Writers of verse POETS
Young boy LAD
Young sheep LAMB