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Clues Answers
'Excuse me, but ...' IFIMAY
'In excelsis —' DEO
'It's —!' ('You're on!') ADATE
'Keystone' officer KOP
'Uncle!' STOP
'Valley of the Dolls' co-star Patty DUKE
'Valley of the Dolls' co-star Sharon TATE
'Walkabout' director Nicolas ROEG
* Classic coaster at Disney parks SPACEMOUNTAIN
* Criterion applied unequally DOUBLESTANDARD
* Earth's layers of rock strata GEOLOGICALRECORD
* Football receiver's success PASSCOMPLETION
* Not on a leash RUNNINGFREE
* Taking baby steps, perhaps STARTINGSMALL
13th-century king of England EDWARDI
86-Across star Nastase ILIE
Accompany ESCORT
Actor Fiennes RALPH
Actor Richard EGAN
Altercation SETTO
Apple apps use it IOS
Arcade error TILT
Auction cry SOLD
August hrs DST
August woe HEAT
Away from home NOTIN
Away from home OUT
Axel relative LUTZ
Ballet dip PLIE
Ballplayer Lefty ODOUL
Bank account amt BAL
Be human ERR
Beehive State athletes UTES
Being hammy EMOTING
Big Sicilian volcano ETNA
Book before Daniel EZEKIEL
Boosting drink TEA
Brainchild IDEA
Brit's title SIR
Bylaw, briefly REG
Cause to take notice IMPRESS
Certain aria ALTOSOLO
Dallas coll SMU
Delicious YUMMY
Demure TIMID
Directory no TEL
Dramatist Joe ORTON
Driving around in a Winnebago, e.g RVING
Dust specks MOTES
Dying fire feature EMBER
Elec. or water UTIL
Enzyme name ending ASE
Epic of Troy ILIAD
Everyone, to Germans ALLE
Exacta, e.g BET
Film studio roarer MGMLION
Final stops TERMINI
Flanders of Springfield NED
Flatbread of India NAN
Foretell PRESAGE
Fronted LED
Frozen drink treat ICEE
Frozen, dome-shaped dessert BOMBE
Gets used (to) ADAPTS
Go wide of AVOID
Grassy fields LEAS
Halts ENDS
Having lasting import HISTORIC
Clues Answers
Heisman, e.g TROPHY
In a busy way ACTIVELY
In a skillful way ABLY
Indigo dye ANIL
Jai — ALAI
Japanese religion SHINTO
Jazz great Brubeck DAVE
Kan. neighbor NEB
Kin of -trix ETTE
Kind of bolt RIVET
Lacto- — diet OVO
Lakers great Lamar ODOM
LaRue of 'CSI: Miami' EVA
Like painters ARTISTIC
Likelihood ODDS
Links TIES
Man of La Mancha QUIXOTE
Mojave plants CACTI
Most regularly OFTENEST
Mourned loudly KEENED
Muscat native OMANI
Narrow way LANE
NFL coups TDS
Norwegian port OSLO
Old ship-locating system LORAN
Org. for an air marshal TSA
Palate dangler UVULA
Paper crew, for short EDS
Partner ALLY
Perp's out ALIBI
Plane domain SKY
Plane domain AIR
Politician Kefauver ESTES
Prefix with dynamics AERO
Proximity NEARNESS
Put-down SLUR
Reaping mo SEPT
Rendered unnecessary OBVIATED
Repeatedly (or a hint to both halves of the answers to the starred clues) TIMEANDTIMEAGAIN
Revolting one REBEL
Ruckus STIR
Salve plant ALOE
See 124-Across FED
Sightless BLIND
Sit in on, as a class AUDIT
Slip — (flub up) ACOG
Soft, dry and crumbly MEALY
Spanish for 'these' ESTOS
Steak- — (frozen beef brand) UMM
Swab analysis site DNALAB
Tennis site COURT
Thruway exits RAMPS
Tick off ANNOY
Tick off IRK
Titleless one NONOWNER
Toasty WARM
Touch-related TACTILE
Tour de France activity CYCLING
Unit of 36' YARD
War ender PACT
Witchy types HAGS
With 83-Across, gave spoonfuls to directly HAND
World War II hero Murphy AUDIE
— -en-Provence AIX
— -fi flick SCI
— -um (gnat) NOSEE