New York Times - May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Glengarry Glen Ross' playwright MAMET
'Goodness!' OHMY
'Is it live or is it ...?' sloganeer MEMOREX
'Me? Are you kidding?!' NOTI
'Stop! You're doing it all wrong!' NONONO
'___ ever!' DOI
'___ lighter note ...' ONA
An ay for an aye, e.g.? VARIANT
Arm twister? ULNA
Behind the times UNHIP
Bit of a bite NIP
Bridge experts ENGINEERS
Butts RAMS
Calf coverer MAXI
Carnival host RIO
Christmas light locale EAVE
Drink sold by the yard ALE
Element before carbon on the periodic table BORON
Encroach (on) IMPINGE
Fir coat? BARK
French novelist ___ France ANATOLE
Full-screen mode exit key ESC
Hart of 'Chicago' ROXIE
Hastened SPEDUP
I.C.U. hookups IVS
India's smallest state GOA
Intense SEVERE
It may include sports and weather NEWSCAST
It might be a blot on your record INK
Its version of 37-Across was popular in the 1970s-'80s ATARI
Jule who wrote the music for 'Funny Girl' STYNE
Knowledgeable of INON
Latin 'king' REX
Less drunk SOBERER
Like Mozart's Symphonies Nos. 15, 27 and 32 ING
Mlle., across the Pyrenees SRTA
Clues Answers
More rewarding, as a paycheck FATTER
MP3-sharing service of the early 2000s NAPSTER
Musical insensitivity NOEAR
Neighbor of La ARK
Nickname for Yale OLDELI
Not touch LEAVEBE
Olympic sport since 1988 TABLETENNIS
Ones making writers write right?: Abbr EDS
Otto on 'The Simpsons,' e.g BUSMAN
Particle created by dissolving table salt ION
Perfume compound ESTER
Popular Irish girl's name ERIN
Pro-war sort HAWK
Ralph who played Voldemort in the Harry Potter films FIENNES
Rapper/actor on 'Law & Order: SVU' ICET
Reaches, as great heights ACHIEVES
Resting on ATOP
Rosalinde's maid in Strauss's 'Die Fledermaus' ADELE
See 63-Across PONG
Skee-Ball locales ARCADES
Some schoolteachers, quaintly MARMS
Start to do well? NEER
Supermodel Cheryl TIEGS
Superwide shoe spec EEE
Sweet cake TORTE
Sweeties DEARS
Sydney's state: Abbr NSW
Tailor's skill SEWING
They're nuts for dessert PECANS
Turned off ALIENATED
Unidentified date PLUSONE
Verse from an admirer ODE
With 65-Across, another name for 37-Across PING
[Item depicted here] NET
___ Bator ULAN
___ Howard, first African-American player on the Yankees ELSTON
___-sec (wine designation) DEMI