USA Today - Feb 9 2010

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Clues Answers
"Before," when before PRE
"Beverly Hills Cop" Foley AXEL
"Honey" DEAR
"If I've told you ___ . . ." ONCE
"On top of that" ALSO
"The Sweater Girl" Turner LANA
"To the max" suffix EST
"___ by any other name would . . ." AROSE
4.18 joules CALORIE
A chip off the old flock? SECT
A lift, in Aspen TBAR
Abandon at the altar JILT
Advanced degree? NTH
Alternative to true, on a quiz FALSE
Amount to be raised? ANTE
Atlantic bird ERNE
Aves lay them OVA
Bass brews ALES
Big and bright fish OPAH
Big pot of stew OLLA
Blood relatives KINSMEN
Bonny lass's reply, maybe NAE
Brave fliers TESTPILOTS
Break-even situation WASH
Brine-cured cheeses FETAS
Build, as a monument ERECT
Caffeine-rich nuts (Var.) KOLAS
Candlelike WAXY
Car shaft AXLE
Carpenters' grooves DADOES
Chemistry subject ISOTOPE
Churchill Downs area STABLES
Color bearers for artists PALETTES
Contraction of the heart SYSTOLE
Covered-wagon journey, e.g. TREK
Clues Answers
Crazy quilt OLIO
Cut ewe down? SHEAR
Exodus memorial meal SEDER
Feet in a line IAMBI
Fine ___ (course of study) ARTS
Flushed, as cheeks ROSY
Funny, but not amusing ODD
Genealogy display TREE
Giant of wrestling ANDRE
Great detective of kiddie lit NATE
Hand-knotted rugs RYAS
Having the least rainfall DRIEST
Iditarod participant SLEDDER
Like Dagwood's wife BLOND
Lotions for treating sprains ARNICAS
Nerve impulse transmitter AXON
Old Wild Western warnings NOOSES
On the double PRONTO
Paving block SETT
Phileas Fogg, for one BALLOONIST
Plunderer's take SWAG
Purse alternatives SATCHELS
Rural flyer CROPDUSTER
Sala locale CASA
She, in Italian ESSA
Sore throat cause, briefly STREP
Spacey types? ASTRONAUTS
Stinging response to an insult SLAP
Stockings shade ECRU
TV Hulk actor's first name LOU
Types of meals vampires avoid? GARLICKY
Waiter's offering PEPPER
Walrus tusk, e.g. IVORY
Where Empedocles met his demise ETNA
Where Farsi is spoken IRAN
Winner of eight gold medals in 2008 PHELPS