New York Times - May 7 2019

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Clues Answers
'Cousin' of 1960s TV ITT
'Me neither,' formally NORI
'My b' OOPS
'[sigh] ... We just dealt with this' NOTAGAIN
1984 mockumentary with a lot of ad-libbed dialogue THISISSPINALTAP
A/C stat BTU
Abbr. for change CTS
Aid to accessibility RAMP
Alternatives to lagers ALES
Anti-rust coatings ZINCS
Arts and ___ SCIENCES
Battlefield renown GLORY
Big wind GUST
Blood's foe CRIP
Brain region linked to speech BROCASAREA
Brunch item often topped with sugar or fruit CREPE
Bustling hosp. locales ERS
Chichén ___ (Mayan ruins) ITZA
Chinchilla or macaw, e.g EXOTICPET
Classic Camaro IROC
Danger of laboring outdoors in the summer SUNSTROKE
Execs who handle the green CFOS
Father, in France PERE
Felipe or Moises of baseball ALOU
Frame component JAMB
Furry 'Star Wars' creature EWOK
Green carving stone JADE
Hawkeye's home IOWA
Icing on the cake ... or a hint to 20-, 24-, 35- and 43-Across FINISHINGTOUCH
Local dialect PATOIS
Man, in Milan UOMO
Master detective Wolfe NERO
Minaret, e.g TOWER
Names, briefly IDS
Native to FROM
Clues Answers
Not deceived by ONTO
Nueva York or Dakota del Norte ESTADO
Ocean Spray fruit snacks CRAISINS
Ones failing polygraphs LIARS
Ones making written comments on text ANNOTATORS
Panache ELAN
Pest control brand DCON
Popular bird in origami CRANE
Promote excessively HYPE
Prosecutors, for short DAS
Purchase something sight unseen BUYAPIGINAPOKE
Qatari leader EMIR
Quick learner, say SPONGE
Quickly attach, as a top to a bottle POPON
Refute DENY
Release from one's clutches UNHAND
Say 'Talk to the hand, 'cause the face ain't listenin',' say SASS
Scary part of a wolf FANG
Sch. whose athletes are the Minutemen and Minutewomen UMASS
Singer Aguilera's nickname XTINA
Smell ODOR
Smoothie berry ACAI
Snowfall unit INCH
Stretched tight TAUT
System of moral values ETHIC
The wife's, e.g HERS
Theatrical cry from a balcony OROMEO
Thunder sounds CLAPS
Turn soil by machine ROTOTILL
Unified ONE
Upscale hotel chain OMNI
What someone who's never satisfied wants MORE
Word before 'the bar' or 'the boom' LOWER
___ Blanc MONT
___ Lingus AER